Falling For Vermont

Falling For Vermont

  • G
  • 2017
  • 85mins
StarringJulie GonzaloBenjamin AyresPeter BensonDirectorDavid WinningAngela is a best-selling author who loves her job writing novels for young adults. But being popular among her fans sure has a downside – the pressure is immense. As she is looking to escape the media frenzy, she heads out of Boston and ends up in a small Vermont town. But as she gets caught in a thunderstorm she crashes her car and wakes up not remembering who she is. Jeff, a handsome local doctor helps her recover while she tries to find clues to her past. But instead of finding her identity, Angela finds herself falling in love with her new life – and Jeff. And when her memory finally returns, Angela must decide if she should return to her old life or embrace the new world she loves so much.