Managing Manhattan

Managing Manhattan

  • G
  • 2016
  • 85mins
StarringJuliana GuillMarc BendavidNatasha HenstridgeMarla SokoloffVivica A. FoxDirectorVic SarinSmall-town clothing store manager Taylor McCall is called up to the big leagues to run a Manhattan clothing boutique after a chance encounter with Alyssa Shaw, the founder of the famed New York store, A-Line. But the reality of big city life is more than Taylor bargained for -- she's overwhelmed by the crowds, the noise, the pace, the expense and the overall craziness of Manhattan. As Taylor slowly settles into life in New York City, she meets Philip, a realtor who clearly wants to be more than friends. But work is consuming all of Taylor's attention, as she strives to meet sales targets and live up to expectations. When Taylor makes a major misstep, everything in her exciting new life comes crashing down. To get it back, Taylor must combine her newly acquired New York street-smarts with a dash of wholesome Midwestern charm.