Romance At Reindeer Lodge

Romance At Reindeer Lodge

  • G
  • 2017
  • 80mins
StarringNicky WhelanJosh KellyNichole GaliciaDirectorColin TheysMolly's joy at winning a free Jamaica vacation and escaping the holiday hustle turns to despair when she finds herself on a plane headed to Jamaica, New England. Instead of the beach, she's knee-deep in snow and Christmas cheer. Much to the amusement of her fellow passenger Jared. Arriving at the Reindeer Lodge guest house, run by a kindly old couple, she is frantic to find there are no flights back home. She's stuck there and will have to make the best of it. Worse still, there's Jared again, full of Christmas joy. But as the days pass, Molly warms to the festive spirit and to Jared, too. Until she discovers he's only there to foreclose on the lodge. Can it be saved - and do Molly and Jared have a chance at love?