• R
  • 2007
  • 93mins
StarringKarl Eigger BalingitCharena EscalaHavy BagatsingDirectorJim LibiranIn the darker side of Manila-by-night, tribes of youthful gangsters roam the streets in search of quick fixes and precarious thrills. World-weary Tondo throbs to the beat of of hiphop and freestyle gangsta rap, and to the scents and sensations of drugs and sex and violence. We witness this crepus-cular underworld through the eyes of ten-year-old Ebet. We follow him as he witnesses the deadly lives of teen age gang members in Tondo and the events that lead to their explosive confrontation. The Thugz Angels tribe members chance upon a blood-soaked body of a member of another gang. The battle is about to begin!