Bal Thaw A Khar Mha

Bal Thaw A Khar Mha

  • G
  • 2014
  • 112mins
StarringMin Maw KunNay DwayMoe Yu SanNadi Wint NaingMin Paing falls in love with a country girl, Day Li Yar. Min Paing’s older brother who takes care of him, Thein Pite remembers Li Yar from his childhood and has the impression that she is a gold digger so he tries to break them apart. Min Paing gets involved in a car accident and unfortunately loses his life, but Thein Pite still doesn’t change his opinion of Li Yar. Fate has its weird ways, because Thein Pite ends up falling in love with Li Yar’s sister, Yu Swe. But both their egos get in the way.