Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy

Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy

  • PG-13
  • 2013
  • 102mins
After long years of separation, quadruplets GIRLIE (girl), PETER (boy), MARK (gay), and PANYING (lesbian) meet again when Peter needed a compatible liver donor. Mark is the only match, and he sets a condition in exchange of his liver - for Girlie, Peter, and their father Pete (Joey Marquez) experience the hardships he, Panying, and their mother Pia (Maricel Soriano) have gone through. He then makes sure Girlie goes through hell on their behalf. In the process, Mark starts to give their family another chance and sees them on a different light. However, just when things are going well for them, Girlie schemes to get even with Mark. Worse, Pete’s current girlfriend Marie (Ruffa Gutierrez) plans to have him and Pia permanently separated. Is there a happy ending for this unconventional family?