Amorosa The Revenge

Amorosa The Revenge

  • PG-13
  • 2012
  • 103mins
StarringAngel AquinoEnrique GilMartin del RosarioDirectorTopel LeeAfter suffering from a vehicular accident, Rosa (Angel Aquino) decides to live in a pension house in the province, which she inherited from her Aunt. She takes with her, her sons Amiel (Martin Del Rosario) and Rommel (Enrique Gil). She hopes that they could start a new life away from the city. She wishes too that the new place will heal the rift between her and her younger son, Rommel. Before the accident, Rommel takes good care of Amiel whose poor eyesight renders him blind. But Rommel suddenly changes after the accident. During the accident, Rosa gets thrown away from the car, and her boys get stuck inside. The car is on the edge of the cliff and Rosa can only choose to save one. Rosa chooses Amiel. At the present time, as Rosa gets to live with both of her children, she has a faint idea that their lives will be at risk when the vengeful ghost of the woman without face threatens them. As soon as they set foot in their new home, the threatening ghost starts to haunt them. Rosa gets to discover that the ghost is a young lady who gets killed by her rapists. The revengeful ghost’s name is Sandra (Empress Schuck) and she is out to get someone who abuses women in the same manner that she has been abused. She is actually after Rommel. As Rosa struggles to find a way to end the hauntings, she discovers a truth that will change her life forever.