• PG
  • 1980
  • 96mins
StarringSorapong ChatreeSor AsanajindaNanthida KaewbuasaiPissamai WilaisakDespite being a grown up teen, Rung still likes children games such as riding buffalo, swimming in river, throwing rock with a sling. She is the leader of small group of friends. Her mother hates Bangkok and doesn't want her daughter to study there. But her mother is sick as she has a severe pain in the stomach. She refuses to leave her home. Rung’s father died 10 years ago. The mother finally dies and Rung has to go to Bangkok to a mysterious uncle Phra's home. Her mother always recalled Rung that only uncle Phra helped her when her husband died. Uncle Phra is part of Bangkok rich society. Uncle Phra is married to Orapin. Orapin is much younger than uncle Pha and has a lover, who is bankrupted. Orapin is not very happy to see Rung arriving in their home and doesn’t understand why Phra wants to take care about this orphan. She suspects than Rung is Phra’s daughter from a minor wife in Ayuthaya. Anong is Orapin’s elder sister.