Luk Lhong

Luk Lhong

  • PG
  • 1985
  • 100mins
StarringJakree JanklamSirada PrasertkanPiathip KoomwongPairoj JaisinghaPhiphat (Pairoj) had gotten married to a prosperous woman (Piathip) but he’s framed by his college so he decides to resign. After that, she forced him to leave the house. He decides to brought their daughter came along with him and that made his wife grieved so she adopted Nat (Jakree) to be her son. Nat crahes the car into Kaew. He takes care of her at the hospital and the pity develops to be the love. However, Phiphat who is Kaew’s dad acknowledges this; he tries to block the love between them since he doesn't want to face the end like the past without knowing that Nat’s mom is his ex-wife.