Rak Ni Rao Chong

Rak Ni Rao Chong

  • PG
  • 1984
  • 96mins
StarringBen Isarangkun Na AyutthayaMai SiriwimonTone (Sor Asanajinda) is a grandfather of Tom (Ben) and he is bored of Bangkok so he decides to bring his family to live in more peaceful place. But the gas in his car runs out in the middle of nowhere so they have to live there and struggle along. However, after living there for a while, they start to like that area and want to be a landlord since there’s no one owns it. He develops it to be a resort but Chiba (Suprawat), a government officer, tries to stop Tone from doing that. Charlee’s (Mai) family is one of Tone’s supporters. Can he be the landlord in the final?