Kon Hin Nai Din Sai

Kon Hin Nai Din Sai

  • PG
  • 1990
  • 106mins
StarringLikhit AkemongkolChudapha ChantakhetPapassara ChutanupongTeerawat TongjittiArm (Likhit) a famous handsome artist who gets boring of his work. He wants to live with his girlfriend, Pom (Papassara) but she doesn't care him and goes out with other man. Arm is dissapointed and depressed. He runs away to Samui. The fate leads him to Wapee (Chudapa), a beautiful girl who wants to suicide. Arm rescues her. Wapee persuades him to work in a restaurant that lacking of staffs. They get closer until it becomes a relationship. Arm wants to erase his love scar. Can he forget the past? Will his love with Wapee success?