Word Of Love

Word Of Love

  • PG
  • 1988
  • 96mins
Dr.Kriangkrai is cheated by Pakpong, his wife, but he pretends that he knows nothing and tries to forget about it by drinking alcohol everyday. One day after drinking regularly, he gets beaten up. Luckily, the hobo named Sut helps him in time. Dr.Kriangkrai wants to repay Sut so he hires him as his driver. Pakpong tries to convince him to sell Rai Chomchai but he wants to save it for his kid. Reversely, Sut is a millionaire named Paradon and he makes a promise to Dr.Kriangkrai that Rai Chomchai will definitely belong to his kid. Will Dr.Kriangkrai's family reconcile in the end?