Wang Pha Deud

Wang Pha Deud

  • PG
  • 1982
  • 96mins
StarringSombat MetaneeSorrapong ChatreeM.L.Suriwan SuriwongPorjet KaenpetchWiyada UmarintornChit (Sorrapong) is a nephew of Chob (Sombat) and he goes to Wangpha district to get rid of the despot. He does a sting operation to catch the drug dealers and Orn (Suriwan) works as his agent in this case. The rival of Chit is Sergeant Wek. He’s a major drug dealer and he corporates with Sew who wants to kill Chit. In fact, seem-to-be- Chit is Choopong who is an assistant district officer but he just looks like Chit.