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Saman Abufuo Part 1

Saman Abufuo Part 1

  • R
  • 2016
  • 73mins
StarringIsaac AmoakoEllen WhyteAkyere BruwaaPapa KumasiNaana BrownNaana HayfordSaman Abufuo is a Ghanaian movie in a local twi dialect. The movie showcased a lifestyle of a poor man called Asare who had a wife Bruwaa and a daughter called Serwaa who were all living in a compound house. He was unemployed but depicted no eagerness of wanting to work to cater for his family. All the effort made by his wife to make him work rendered futile. One day Asare and his friend met Nana Yaw a rich man who was travelling and had his car broken down along the way. They helped him out and he gave them his complementary card for them to check on him later. Asare came up with a decision but Bruwaa refused to comply but was later convinced. He decided to give their only daughter’s hand in marriage to this rich man who already had four wives because of the small tips he’s been receiving from him. Serwaa went into her husband’s house as a married woman even though she was a teenager to perform her marital duties but out of jealousy she was murdered in cold blood by her rivals and her ghost started hunting all her assailants down.