Yung Nak Ruk Sa Leoy

Yung Nak Ruk Sa Leoy

  • PG
  • 1986
  • 101mins
StarringJarunee SuksawatPrompong NopparitAt Supanburi, Noina(Jarunee) asks her mom for permission to go to Bangkok because she doesn't want to have a problem with her stepfather. While Lumyai(Prompong), a son of pig farm's owner, accidentally sold the whole farm to a merchant and was chased out and has to go to Bangkok. Lumyai and Noina have been rivals since they were in Supanburi. \Lumyai looks alike Ukkarin, Miss Rarintip's son, so a gang plans to make over him to deceive Miss Rarintip. But can a fool and innocent country man like him deceive the millionaire? Can Noina who accidentally comes into the house reveal the truth?