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Play Of The Day 21 Sep

Play Of The Day 21 Sep

  • G
  • 2018
  • 1mins
Running shoes in 1954 were far removed from the cushioned, brightly coloured trainers we’ve become accustomed to today. However this particular pair has history; they were the ones worn by Sir Roger Bannister when he became the first man to run a sub-four minute mile. Sir Roger explained that although the shoes, made by GT Law of Wimbledon weighed only 127.5 grams he personally ground the metal spikes down to reduce the weight even more, albeit marginally. Maybe that was the factor that helped make history more than half a century ago, we’ll never know but those shoes are set to be auctioned at Christies in London and they’re estimated to fetch between thirty and fifty thousand dollars -Pay Of The Day but you do get two of them for that price!