Bloomberg - Junkyards Helping the Environment

Bloomberg - Junkyards Helping the Environment

  • TV-G
  • 2019
  • 1mins
Nov.08 -- TITLE: Junkyards helping the environment?The evolving junkyard industryis (accidentally) helping the environment“As cars get more complex and pricier to fix…Insurers are more willing to ‘total’ vehicles” [Source: Jeff Liaw president of salvage company Copart]Traditionally vehicles end of in salvage yardsWhere they rust over long periods of timeBut instead cars are strippedthe leftover metal is shreddedand melted down to make recycled steelThe recycled steel is used in new autosNew cars now contain a minimumof 25% recycled contentmainly steel and iron [Source: Steel Recycling Institute]It’s dropping carmaker costsby anywhere from 20% to 60%For the environment it’s a big win tooRecycling 165500 cars a year in Massachusettscut 2.2 million tons of CO2 [Source: Worcester Polytechnic Institute]