Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesVietnameseSinhaleseBurmese (Zawgyi)EnglishBengaliMalayBurmeseThaiKhmerIndonesianStarringYoshitsugu MatsuokaMaaya UchidaAi KayanoDirectorYoshitomo Yonetani
In a diner called Yukihira in a small town, father Jouichirou and his son Souma still have cook-offs against each other. Souma planned to train his cooking skills in Yukimura Diner after he graduates from middle school, with the aim of surpassing his father. However, his father suddenly decides to close down the shop, and wanted him to take the entrance exam of the top culinary school in Japan, the Tootsuki Academy, the place where the best chefs are born, an elite school where only top 10% of students could graduate. Can Souma survive?...
Season 1

24 Episodes
An Endless Wasteland
1. An Endless Wasteland
Souma Yukihira and his father Jouichirou manage Yukihira Diner together. Their cook-offs have been the highlights of their regular customers nearby. But recently, there’s an unscrupulous constructor who is threatening to shut down their diner, and they will use every despicable mean. Souma manages to cast away the constructor, but suddenly, his father asks him to enrol in Tootsuki Academy....
God’s Tongue
2. God’s Tongue
During the entrance exam, all candidates give up after learning that Erina Nakiri is the examiner, leaving only Souma that is willing to try. Souma presented his best dish, but Erina does not admit his talent. Could Souma enter the academy?...
That Chef Never Smiles
3. That Chef Never Smiles
Even though Megumi Tadokoro is promoted to the High School Division, but if she gets another E grade, she would be expelled. She is paired up with Souma in class by coincidence, can she prevent herself from being expelled?...
Maria of the Polar Star
4. Maria of the Polar Star
If you want to live in the Polar Star Dormitory, you’ll need to pass the test. Souma used the remaining ingredients in the kitchen, and successfully made a dish to impress the dorm’s caretaker, Fumio Daimidou. Afterwards, the other residents in the dorm hold a welcoming party for him. At the end of the party, Isshiki suddenly announces that he wants to taste Souma’s dish, as the 7th seat of the Elite Ten....
The Ice Queen and The Spring Storm
5. The Ice Queen and The Spring Storm
After Isshiki’s request, Souma made a dish that impressed all the dorm’s residents. However, when he wants to challenge Isshiki for his seat in Elite Ten, he is told that certain conditions need to be meet in order to have a cook-off. Meanwhile, during an official cook-off called Shokugeki, Erina defeats the president of the Chanko Research Society, which resulted in the abolition of the research society....
The Meat Invader
6. The Meat Invader
There are all kinds of research society in Tootsuki. Souma wanted to visit the Don Research Society, but finds out that Erina wants to forcefully abolish this research society. To keep the society alive, Souma replaces the president Konishi, to challenge Erina into a Shokugeki, who sends out Ikumi to battle in her steed....
A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don
7. A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don
The Shokugeki between Souma and Ikumi has begun. As the crowd favours Ikumi to win, Souma serves an averaged-priced don. The judges couldn’t stop eating it. What is his secret? What will be the final result?...
The Concerto of Inspiration and Imagination
8. The Concerto of Inspiration and Imagination
Every year, Tootsuki will let the first-year students join a training camp, where hellish challenges await. During the first challenge, Souma and Megumi are teased by Italian and Japanese mixed-blood brothers Takumi and Isami. Having grown up in the kitchen, they impress the judge Hinako with incredible speed. How would Souma face this challenge?...
The Breading to Adorn the Mountains
9. The Breading to Adorn the Mountains
To win Takumi, Souma used the snack in Hinako’s hand, kaki peanuts as breading, which resulted in a stunning dish. With this, Hinako couldn’t decide who should be the winner, so they both vow to have another challenge in the future. Everyone thought that they could rest after the first challenge ended, but the next challenge is coming soon....
The Heavenly Recipe
10. The Heavenly Recipe
Souma quickly completes 50 dinner servings and heads to the bath alone happily. There, he meets Gin Dojima, who would finish his bath early before any students comes in every year. After receiving his encouragements, he rises to meet new challenges again the next day. This time, Kojiro Shinomiya is the one who judges. He wants everyone to follow his recipe and make the Nine Vegetables Terrine. Souma passes this test, but Megumi is expelled....
The Magician from The East
11. The Magician from The East
Shinomiya is adamant about getting Megumi expelled. Souma then challenges him to a Shokugeki. Gin Dojima appears and approves this unofficial battle. Each of them needs to prepare a dish for the alumni to judge. The condition is Megumi must be the chef in charge, and Souma can only be her assistant. This battle will decide whether Megumi’s fate in Tootsuki....
The Memory of a Dish
12. The Memory of a Dish
The alumni enjoyed Megumi’s Rainbow Terrine. But during the final judgement, she still loses to Shinomiya. However, Dojima gets Shinomiya to try Megumi’s dish, and reveals the truth about his stagnation. Shinomiya then remembers his original intention to cook, and in the end, he agrees to revoke Megumi and Souma’s expulsion....
The Eggs Before Dawn
13. The Eggs Before Dawn
The students were asked to gather in the dining hall at night. Dojima announces their next task, which is to prepare a buffet style breakfast for Tootsuki Resort. Every student is required to prepare 200 servings of their dish. All students spend the entire night to prepare for the task next morning. Souma, who is full of confidence, realise that no one is taking his dish....
14. Metamorphosis
The other students start to pass one by one, Souma realises that he didn’t consider the details well, and starts to fight back. Using live cooking technique to attract the customers, he finally passes the challenge with merely two seconds to spare. A few days passed after this, and the training finally come to the end....
The Man Called Demon
15. The Man Called Demon
The training camp has finally come to an end, everyone returns to the Polar Star Dorm happily. Fumio and Isshiki decide to prepare a celebration party for everyone, and the chef who prepares this party is a man that no one had seen before. Apparently, it’s Souma’s father, Jouichirou. Souma finds out that his father was a resident of Polar Star Dorm too. The next morning, Jouichirou challenges Souma to a cook-off....
The Chef Who Crossed a Thousand Leagues
16. The Chef Who Crossed a Thousand Leagues
Jouichirou’s visit to Polar Star Dorm was to check on Souma’s growth, and hence he challenges Souma to a cook-off. With a light and energizing breakfast as the theme, they cook a dish each for Fumio and three others to try. In the end, Souma loses. But Jouichirou indicates that his son has indeed grown up. After asking Souma to stop by at the diner time to time to air the place out, he leaves....
The Seductive Karaage
17. The Seductive Karaage
Souma receives a warm welcome back home. At the same time, he’s been told that because the station’s shopping complex has opened, the Sumire Shopping District has not been doing well. The newly opened karaage chain store, Mozuya has been taking away all the shopping district’s customers. So, Souma decides to come up with a karaage recipe that could compete with the store and get back all the customers....
The Karaage Of Youth
18. The Karaage Of Youth
Souma finally found a way to compete with Mozuya, and liaised with the shops of the shopping district to hold an event. In the end Mozuya loses to Souma’s creativity. Upon his return to the academy, Souma is summoned by an unknown man - the puppetmaster behind Mozuya, the 9th seat of Elite Ten Eizan....
The Chosen One
19. The Chosen One
The contestants of the Autumn Elections are announced. They are separated into Team A and Team B. They will undergo a preliminary round within the team, only the contestants who win can join the official tournament. The theme for the preliminary round is curry dishes. Souma visits Jouichirou’s junior Shiomi to learn more about curry. But he was punched to the ground when he introduced himself....
The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends The Skies
20. The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends The Skies
After the preparation during the summer holiday, the Autumn Election has begun. Separated into two teams, Souma and the others start to prepare their dishes. The judges weren’t interested until the contestants start cooking. But at this time, Souma appears to have fallen asleep!...
The Unknown Known
21. The Unknown Known
The judging for Team B has started. It was a chain of low scores from the judges until Nao Sadatsuka, who manages to get 80 marks with her extremely pungent dish. Next to her is Hisako. Both had a shokugeki once because of Erina. Who will be the winner for this battle?...
The One Who Surpasses the Ordinary
22. The One Who Surpasses the Ordinary
The contestants in Team B start to serve their dishes. First is Yuuki and Miyoko, next is the battle between the brothers Takumi and Isami. The last one is Alice, with the nearly forgotten Megumi. With this, the contestants that are qualified for the next round are fixed. But in Team A, the atmosphere is low because Natsume is unwilling to give out any marks....
The Competition Of The Blossoming Individuals
23. The Competition Of The Blossoming Individuals
The atmosphere in Team A changed after Kurokiba serves his dish, earning the highest points. But the ranking will be changed for sure, because it’s not the crowd favourites- Akira Hayama and Souma’s turn yet. Who will win the battle?...
The Warrior’s Banquet
24. The Warrior’s Banquet
Finally, it’s Akira Hayama and Souma’s turn to be judged. Akira Hayama’s marks surpasses Kurokiba’s, and took the first place. Souma’s dish loses by one point to Akira. But the judges start to fight because of their dishes, as the standards of their dishes are on par. The preliminary round of Autumn Elections ends, everyone gathers in Polar Star Dorm and celebrates....