Wife from Above

Wife from Above

  • TV-14
  • 2017
StarringPerpetual Joy MwapeBizwell MudendaMutale MachololweMathews KavindeleHuruma SungulaAdorah MwapeSalamata NyendwaGloria SiambiliDavid KafwankaPhilomina Mwenya NyirendaRahima Munalula
Bupe a young girl is raped by her stepfather TOM and sold into prostitution by her mother STELLA and stepfather, Bupe’s life is taken away from her. At the brothel, Bupe encounters Michael a man of faith who wants to redeem her and show her love past her brokenness. To save Bupe Michael has to sacrifice all he loves, his family and position in society and church… or was he just seduced by her beauty?...
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