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Food Wars!: The Second Plate

Food Wars!: The Second Plate

  • TV-14
  • 2016
SubtitlesBurmese (Zawgyi)ThaiKhmerBurmeseMalayVietnameseIndonesianEnglishSinhaleseStarringYoshitsugu MatsuokaMaaya UchidaAi KayanoDirectorYoshitomo Yonetani
In a diner called Yukihira in a small town, father Jouichirou and his son Souma still have cook-offs against each other. Souma planned to train his cooking skills in Yukimura Diner after he graduates from middle school, with the aim of surpassing his father. However, his father suddenly decides to close down the shop, and wanted him to take the entrance exam of the top culinary school in Japan, the Tootsuki Academy, the place where the best chefs are born, an elite school where only top 10% of students could graduate. Can Souma survive?...
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