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Frontier Borneo

Frontier Borneo

  • TV-G
  • 2017
SubtitlesIndonesianMalayBurmeseEnglishSinhaleseBanglaChineseVietnameseNepaliThaiBurmese (Zawgyi)Khmer
"Frontier Borneo" is a breath-taking, action-packed journey into the lives of the remarkable men and unforgettable creatures found on the third largest island on the planet. Dealing with home-made bombs, exploring uncharted jungles, rescuing endangered animals and coming face to face with deadly creatures is all in a day's work for the colorful characters featured. This cast of local and international wildlife rangers, explorers, scientists and conservationists help us uncover some of the most spectacular landscapes to be found in Borneo, and give us an unprecedented glimpse into the realities of this unique world. The dynamics between man and nature tells a tale of struggle between balance and survival. This is their story. Narrated by Luke Evans....
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