SubtitlesVietnameseSinhaleseMalayArabicEnglishBurmese (Zawgyi)BurmeseNepaliBengaliMandarin (Simplified)FrenchIndonesianUrduThaiKhmerStarringHyunwook Lee(Keunho Kim)Sean Richard(Seungwon Han)Hyojoo Park(Younghee Woo)Sol Choi(Moonjung Lee)Kyung-eon Min(Kyung-eon)
A man is killed after a struggle with an unknown man at home. Another man suffers from thinking he will never be better than his higher-achieving brother. The man who is murdered is Geun-ho Kim, and the other is Geun-bae Kim, or Alpha One, Geun-ho's younger brother and a man of unparalleled talent in the art of disguise. Geun-bae is raised with the belief that he is a nobody compared to his intelligent brother and runs away from home. He makes a living out of his skill in disguise, encouraged by Geun-ho who believes he can become a great actor. One day, he visits his brother and discovers him covered in blood. Masking his brother's death as his own, Geun-bae lives in disguise as his brother.  He chooses life as a fake to uncover the truth....
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