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Wild24: Fierce Felines

Wild24: Fierce Felines

  • G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
Felines are known for its ferocious temperament, a trade that makes them one of the most dangerous predators in the wild....
Season 1

10 Episodes
Jaguar Stalks Deer
1. Jaguar Stalks Deer
As a jaguar slinks through the forest, monkeys shriek their alarm calls in warning....
Lion Hunts Kudu
2. Lion Hunts Kudu
A Lioness carefully sizes up some meal options before grabbing a bite....
Sumatran Tiger Stalks
3. Sumatran Tiger Stalks
A rare Sumatran tiger stalks through the forest in search of some primate prey....
Bengal Tiger
4. Bengal Tiger
Animals at India’s waterholes are on high alert when a Bengal Tiger takes a dip. Almost everything is on the menu for a hungry tiger....
Rare Javan Leopard On The Hunt
5. Rare Javan Leopard On The Hunt
A baby wild pig doesn’t stack good odds against the formidable, yet rare, Javan Leopard when it stalks the forest....
Leopards In The Night
6. Leopards In The Night
Avoiding one another’s territories is the key to a quiet life for leopards, but the draw of a free meal is too much for some....