Alaska’s Wild Gourmet

Alaska’s Wild Gourmet

  • TV-PG
  • 2016
  • 1 Season
In the remote corners of the Alaskan bush country are bounties unlike any other. Rugged, raw and now cooked - this is the last culinary frontier where one chef is redefining what it means to eat like a wild man. Classically trained chef Bradley Ewing is creating five-star restaurant quality meals in the most remote and wild areas of Alaska. Creating gourmet experiences is challenging in any restaurant, but add in the ever-changing Alaskan weather, foraging in the backyards of deadly animals, campfire cooking, lack of creature comforts, and dangerous bush plane flights... and you could have a recipe for disaster. Finicky clients, bi-polar weather changes, and food and supply shortages often push Bradley to the last ounce of his sanity but this creative, free-spirit always seems to deliver....
Season 1

7 Episodes
Family Affair
1. Family Affair
The Ewing family gives back to Kodiak Veterans by serving them a five star gourmet meal in the Alaskan wilderness....
Surfer's Delight
2. Surfer's Delight
Surfers hire the Ewings to cater dinner on a secluded beach in Kodiak, but hurricane force winds could mean disaster....
Hunters Paradise
3. Hunters Paradise
Bradley taps into the Kodiak wild for ingredients to incorporate into a rustic hunter’s gathering at the top of Pillar Mountain....
Native Celebra
4. Native Celebra
Bradley and his family celebrate Kodiak’s native history by offering an extreme catering experience to local Alutiiq tribes....
Fisherman Catch
5. Fisherman Catch
The Gulf of Alaska is Bradley’s menu playground as he gathers unique ingredients for a boat captain’s dinner....
Alutiq Anniversary
6. Alutiq Anniversary
Bradley, Amy and Sherri struggle to provide a high end dining experience for the Alutiiq Museum’s 20th anniversary party....
Bush Pilots Birth
7. Bush Pilots Birth
A remote location challenges the Ewing’s as they cook an off-the-grid gourmet meal for a bush pilot’s birthday bash....