Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish

Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish

  • TV-PG
  • 2010
  • 1 Season
America's sportsman Trev Gowdy spans the globe in search of the largest and most unusual species of fish on rod and reel. Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish is a fishing series that is all about the challenge, tactics and strategies that complete an angler's goal to catch the biggest of fish this planet has to offer—and size does matter!...
Season 1

12 Episodes
Sturgeon & Tuna
1. Sturgeon & Tuna
Follow fisherman going after huge white sturgeon in Oregon and giant blue fin tuna in the ocean....
Hammerhead-Texas Gar
2. Hammerhead-Texas Gar
This week, we fish for monster Hammerhead sharks off the Miami coast and then we go after big razor-toothed alligator gar in Texas....
Largemouth - Grouper, Florida
3. Largemouth - Grouper, Florida
Trev Gowdy hunts down monster-sized 15lb largemouth bass from northern California and a goliath grouper search and battle for the ages....
NS Tuna - Mako Shark
4. NS Tuna - Mako Shark
Trev hunts down a 850lb bluefin tuna in the North Umberland Straights & guest, Mark the Shark delivers a 900lb Mako shark off the Florida Keys....
Salmon Shark - Yellowfin Tuna
5. Salmon Shark - Yellowfin Tuna
Trev Gowdy hunts down a monster-sized 600lb salmon shark from Prince William Sound and a 300lb yellowfin tuna off Panama's Monster Island....
King Salmon - Striper
6. King Salmon - Striper
Trev Gowdy hunts down a 60lb king salmon from the Kasilov River in Alaska and then a night search for a 60lb New England striped bass....
Snapper - Dogtooth
7. Snapper - Dogtooth
Trev discovers a giant Cubera Snapper off the coast of Panama & Dennis fights a powerful Dogtooth Tuna at the Vanuatu Islands in the SW Pacific....
Payara - Tuna 1
8. Payara - Tuna 1
Trev hunts down the vampire fish from the Venezuelan jungles called the Payara & Dennis starts his hunt for a 1,000lb blue fin tuna off Port Hood....
New Guinnea Bass - Tuna 2
9. New Guinnea Bass - Tuna 2
Dennis travels to New Guinnea for the most powerful bass in the world, the Papua black bass & continues his hunt for the elusive tuna in Nova Scotia....
Mexico Yellowfin - Stingray
10. Mexico Yellowfin - Stingray
Dennis Braid hunts down the monster yellowfin tuna off of Mexico. Then, Trev Gowdy battles a monster-sized stingray well over 600lbs....
Ling Cod - Coral Trout
11. Ling Cod - Coral Trout
Trev hunts down the prehistoric monster-sized ling cod off Alaska's Cook Islands. Then Dennis travels off the coast of Australia for coral sea trout....
12. Recap
It's a countdown for the biggest fish on Monster Fish. Join America's sportsman, Trev Gowdy & Australia's legend Dennis Braid....