The Reunion

The Reunion

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMalayEnglishStarringShreya DhanwantharySapna PabbiVeer Rajwant Singh
A web series about a former group of dysfunctional friends reuniting for their college reunion....
Season 1

10 Episodes
An Invite To The Past
1. An Invite To The Past
An unexpected invite from the past opens the door to a whole lot of memories. How do Aarya, Deva, Dev and Gaurav react to the idea of going back where it all began...
Bourbon High Class of 2008
2. Bourbon High Class of 2008
Bags are packed. Tickets are booked. And finally it’s time for TheReunion to begin in all it’s glory. Watch what unfolds when Aarya, Deva, Gaurav and Dev come face to face after 10 long years....
Back To School
3. Back To School
You never know how much you missed your school until you go there again. Watch the friends bring back the bitter sweet memories from high school....
The Flashbacks Begin
4. The Flashbacks Begin
The Reunion gang just got bigger. We meet Kavya, Bhavna and Veer who have come to revisit their school days too. And while it’s all about fun and frolic we see the flashbacks beginning here which go way deeper than we thought. Watch the story unfold as Aarya, Dev, Deva and Gaurav are trying...
Let's Start A Fire
5. Let's Start A Fire
Bourbon High ‘08 is out on a trek after a decade. No phones, no cameras or distractions. Just a bonfire, music and the conversations. We don’t know if the bonfire can ignite the other sparks left behind in school....
This Changes Everything
6. This Changes Everything
Things are changing for the Bourbon High Class of ‘08. Old friends, new romances, fun, excitement, stress, chaos and panic. And the one reveal that might change everything for someone....
Don't Panic
7. Don't Panic
Sometimes the past shows us what to do next. Watch Aarya and Deva dealing with the sudden reveal, Bhavna and Trisha's magical rescue, and Gaurav and the gang's chase to claim their hostel beds. Can this sudden unplanned trip back to their school show them the way forward, or maybe...
Talk To Me
8. Talk To Me
So much has happened on TheReunion and there's so much more to figure. While Deva and Dev have to make a life changing decision, Aarya and Gaurav have their own decisions to make....
We Got This
9. We Got This
It’s the last night of the reunion. And it’s party time. While the gang gets ready to go for the party in style, Deva and Aarya talk about her pending decision, Bhavana deals with her own issues and everyone relives the past in their own way...
Keep Moving
10. Keep Moving
It’s the last night of the reunion for Batch of 08. While new relationships are being formed, old relationships are changing. While they face their biggest weakness they realise its in each other lies their biggest strength. Witness the emotional and uplifting Season Finale of the TheReunion now....