iflix Quizzles What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

iflix Quizzles What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim is a romantic comedy that focuses on the relationship between Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So. Find out about the show through this fun little trivias....
Season 1

27 Episodes
1. Allergies
Sometimes, you just have to do what it takes when it comes to matters concerning your boss....
2. Languages
A man with looks and brains. Where can the rest of the female population get one?...
Sneaky Tactic
3. Sneaky Tactic
When someone cheats to find out what you like, is it sweet, or creepy?...
Speak Out
4. Speak Out
If you've reached your breaking point, do you speak out or suffer in silence?...
Plush Toy
5. Plush Toy
How do you react when your boss gives you a plush toy?...
How To Escape
6. How To Escape
If you're trying to hide your identity, it's best to give away things that might make you stand out....
His Phobia
7. His Phobia
What causes Yeong Joon's breakdown? What is he so afraid of?...
8. Blackout
When you're with someone you like and a blackout happens, what is it that you wish they'll do?...
She Cooked
9. She Cooked
Sometimes, all it takes is some simple comfort food to warm a person's heart, and stomach....
Friendly CEO
10. Friendly CEO
Treat your employees with respect, and they'll give you the same treatment....
Bittersweet Moments
11. Bittersweet Moments
When you're going through a horrifying experience, it helps to have someone there to comfort you....
Catch A Cold
12. Catch A Cold
No one likes catching a cold. But some people are more susceptible to falling sick than the others....
Her Phobia
13. Her Phobia
Phobias are common and it affects many people. What do you think Kim Miso's phobia is?...
An Unusual Name