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La Luna Sangre

La Luna Sangre

  • TV-PG
  • 2017
StarringDaniel PadillaKathryn Bernardo
The prophecy of the Blood Moon is the heart of this fictional series. It is foreshadowed from the start that the child of the most powerful vampire and the chosen wolf will end the reign of the vampire with the cursed ink (sumpang tinta). The story picks up when Mateo and Lia and Malia Rodriguez are living their lives as powerless mortals in San Isidro, a fictional province of the Philippines. Sandrino, Magnus’s son, also known as Supremo, orders his forces to hunt the Rodriguez family to prevent the prophecy's fulfillment and ensure his ascendancy into power. Malia’s bloodline is a threat to Supremo even as a mortal child without powers. Supremo kills Mateo and Lia, unaware that the 7 year old Malia is carried off to safety at a secret LLU base in Tanay, Rizal by the werewolf Baristo....
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