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Sonic Elements

Sonic Elements

  • TV-G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishDirectorRA Rivera
A hit song is not developed overnight - and this is how the artists and producers collaborate to produce them....
Season 1

10 Episodes
Reese Lansangan
1. Reese Lansangan
Pop-folk singer and songwriter Reese Lansangan takes "The Chase" to the finish line with American music executive Tuo Clark, resulting to a more radio-friendly version while keeping Reese's signature quirky and witty sound....
Keiko Necesario
2. Keiko Necesario
Keiko Necesario, together with hit OPM record producer Jonathan Manalo, examines the depths of "Blithe" and finally takes the song from its edgy-folk roots to dreamy, electro-pop heights....
3. Vera
Encouraged by Grammy-nominated American producer and mentor Bassie "Blue" Hamilton to switch gears and dig deeper for a more stunning piece, Vera unearths an old composition and dives into provocative and soulful depths with "Fine"....
Nar Cabico
4. Nar Cabico
With the politically-driven theme of "You Won't Stop", Nar Cabico works with prolific music maker Jay Durias to prompt the song's pop potential while keeping the lyrics' potency....
Trisha Denise
5. Trisha Denise
In what may seem like an unlikely pairing, Trisha Denise's acoustic and syrupy "Sweet Like Honey" meets its match with Dutch DJ and record producer Ferry Corsten who injected electronic beats and details, turning Trisha's song into an "acoustronic" piece....
Bea Lorenzo
6. Bea Lorenzo
Bea Lorenzo, along with producer and mentor Thyro Alfaro, further reinforces "Ili (Hush)" by highlighting Bea's choice of organic sounds and vocal prowess....
Leanne & Naara
7. Leanne & Naara
Leanne Mamonong co-produces "LMNOP" with award-winning producer Jungee Marcelo as she traverses beyond songwriting and opens more musical opportunities for her duo, Leanne and Naara....
Julz Savard
8. Julz Savard
As Julz Savard ventures as a solo artist, she anchors on the romantic narrative of "Infatuated" and works with producer and mentor Jimmy Antiporda to take its pop rock beginnings to wider, cinematic avenues....
Kat Agarrado
9. Kat Agarrado
With multi-awarded, Grammy winner Steve Lillywhite as mentor and producer and Kat Agarrado turning her astonishment into a sultry and solid performance, "You Got Me Trippin'" journeys from a straightforward composition to a complex sound and poetry....
10. Ben&Ben
Indie folk pop band Ben&Ben goes through a musical dilemma as their mentor and producer, American record maker HARV, challenges them to depart from the band's genre and delve into new sounds....