Elements The Series

Elements The Series

  • TV-G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishDirectorRA Rivera
Elements: The Series, a premiere platform that discovers, develops and promotes a new generation of Filipino Musical artists/talents, is now fueled by Globe....
Season 1

6 Episodes
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1. Elements
Since 2010, the Elements Music Camp has been a gathering of up-and-coming artists and eminent music-makers to cultivate the next generation of Filipino musicians. This year, our top local and foreign producers chose ten campers, among hundreds of hopefuls, to produce a song with. Get exclusive access to how the 10 local artists were chosen, the stories behind their songs, and the production with some of the most successful music producers in the world....
Reese & Keiko
2. Reese & Keiko
Reese originally submitted a 6-minuter song, Danger, about a girl’s dilemma of falling in love with guys whom she thinks are good enough for her but always end up breaking her heart. Her mentor/producer, Tuo Clark, thinks the song is too long and wordy. But Reese is known for her songs with witty and long lyrics (i.e. Grammar Nazi, St. Petersburg, Home) which are usually not less than 5 minutes. Keiko admits that she wants to leave her past image of singing light, indie pop-rock songs. She is in the process of transforming her sound into electronic folk. Her past mentors from Elements recognized this sudden shift of sound, and they took her onboard once again to help her achieve her goal....
Vera | Nar
3. Vera | Nar
Vera and Nar are already in show business working as actors and performers, and have already joined the Elements Music Camp before. But they joined this year’s camp once again to further take their musicality into another level with the help of esteemed producers....
Trisha | Bea
4. Trisha | Bea
Trisha and Bea are relatively new in the music industry. Though they have been creating their own music for a while, they are yet to establish their names and respective sound. And it looks like being part of this year’s music camp have helped them a lot in finding their own voice and musicality....
Leanne & Naara | Julz
5. Leanne & Naara | Julz
Leanne and Julz are two campers who belong to a group / band. Leanne is the other half of Leanne and Naara, while Julz used to be the vocalist of Save Me Hollywood. She marks her solo career this year with her participation in Elements 2018....
Kat | Ben&Ben
6. Kat | Ben&Ben
Kat has been in the industry for quite some time now. She has almost tried different genres of music – from jazz, pop to rock – as an expression and extension of her musical influences. She is also a former camper. This year, she enters the camp eager to try and find a new sound that will represent her musical journey. And she’s lucky that she will be mentored by no other than the 6-time Grammy-winning record producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, The Killers). Steve compares Kat’s sound like that of Sade. Meanwhile, Ben&Ben are also in for some challenging dilemma as they began working with their mentor/producer Bernard “BHarv” Harvey. The band initially got praises after their first performance at the camp. But as they stepped into the studio for some serious work, BHarv proposed a number of changes which Paulo and Miguel didn’t expect. They were even forced to change and rewrite their song on the spot....