• TV-G
  • 2019
  • 1 Season
BizSmart: BizSmart introduces a lot of small and medium-sized businesses in Korea and their products, as part of an effort to support the growth of those companies. BizSmart also keeps the viewers informed of the market reaction to the products made by the small businesses, based on the reviews from domestic and foreign buyers, so that it can contribute to the advancement of the small businesses into overseas markets as well as attracting foreign investment....
Season 1

9 Episodes
24 December 2018
1. 24 December 2018
Spacosa The location based service is drawing public attention as the new growth engine in the 4th industrial revolution. Spacosa has specialized in inventing a cloud platform for location base service. It is especially gaining an edge in the global market including Asian countries like Japan, and Thailand. 4S Mapper The scope of drone utilization has widened ranging from pastime activities to transportation sector, and from security to art fields. Amid the current mood, a start-up company 4S Mapper started its business as it found out cracks on the roads and tried to secure public safety using drones. Tech On Vision With its foundation in 2016, Tech On Vision has specialized in screen division monitors. It has dedicated to manufacturing screen split monitors exclusively used for 2-PC type physical network separation. Launching the unprecedented technology in the market, it has received lots of attention from related businesses and consumers....
31 December 2018
2. 31 December 2018
SUHYUNTECH is a developer that has expertise in smart soundproofing earplugs. It has been creating products based on sound filtering skills through frequency analysis, with which the company holds a patent. Smart soundproofing earplugs are devised based on a fact that the frequency signal of human and machine is different. The key technology of the product is sound filtering skills through frequency analysis. It helps users communicate with others comfortably when there's loud noise since the earphones attached filter out the noise and send out the human's voice only....
7 January 2019
3. 7 January 2019
As more and more people are taking interest in life extension, the volume of health care sector has been increased. Along with the trend, a variety of health care products are released in the market. There's a business that has developed lights combining LED with color therapy that induces people's mental stability using light. Color therapy not only stables your emotions but also relieves stress and vitalizes your life. Based on this fact, the company has developed their own mood light. The mood light offers 7 different colors and the color can be changed with a remote control. It allows users to adjust the brightness of light as well. Moreover, the light has a wireless charging function for smart phones as well as providing multiple shades of color. This aspect of high practicality grabs people's attention and the lights are now utilized in a variety of areas such as offices, or coffee shops as interior accessories. Lately, the firm is working together with a napkin arts corporation to change the design of the lights. It is to release a new product in a trendy and classy design from the original simple design, putting napkin craft skills into mood lights. JUNG AN HEALTH CARE will create a platform that enables telemedicine through mood lights in the future and become a competitive corporation in the healthcare industry. We meet JUNG AN HEALTH CARE, a company that exerts utmost effort to developing products with innovative ideas....
14 January 2019
4. 14 January 2019
As public awareness has been raised toward environmental degradation, numerous eco-friendly technologies are drawing attention in our society. A domestic firm Eco Green Plus is getting positive reviews from the related sectors for developing products that raise fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle exhaust fumes. Green The Plus, a fumes reduction device created by the company cracks up the fuel through a catalyst and heats it to the adequate temperature and improves the combustion environment, getting better gas mileage....
21 January 2019
5. 21 January 2019
JM Smart is a developer of a smart band that helps manage biorhythm, sleep and skin care for anyone who needs healthcare. Sleep Doc was the first item of JM Smart to be introduced to the healthcare circles. JM Smart has devoted itself to inventing Sleep Doc for a long time to help treat customers' insomnia and it has got positive feedback from the market....
28 January 2019
6. 28 January 2019
With the help of the IT technology, the healthcare industry is changing in the form of providing personalized medical information tailored to individual circumstances. A product has been developed by a local company Mirint to provide personalized prevention information to help treat rhinitis. Existing laser rhinitis treatment devices were inconvenient because they were hard to carry and limited in the scope of treatment....
4 February 2019
7. 4 February 2019
AUTO Connector is an R&D-based and consumer-oriented company which may be the next game-changer in the global market suggesting a more convenient lifestyle with a product inspired by even the small inconveniences consumers experience....
11 February 2019
8. 11 February 2019
Ecostar has specialized in producing and selling a heater for one person. Along with the rise in the number of single-person households, the CEO of the company started a business to create highly efficient heating appliances that can be used alone....
18 February 2019
9. 18 February 2019
As the public attention on the safety issue increases day by day, a growing number of self-defense gadgets for women are appearing. 247KOREA has developed an innovative product that has linked a taser gun with a smart phone case which people carry all the time....