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Look @ My Wedding

Look @ My Wedding

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesThaiEnglishStarringAndrea FonsekaDirectorGeorge Muskens
A feel good series hosted by Malaysian Andrea Fonseka that showcases a world of unique weddings, the brides, their grooms the friends and the families as well as introducing the talented and most times, the outrageously creative wedding videographer teams who theme, record and edit the life changing events for posterity. Jaw dropping locations feature in every episode from the Empire State Building in New York to Greece's Santorini, Australia's Whitsundays to Bali's cliffs of Uluwatu....
Season 1

7 Episodes
Welcome to Look At My Wedding
1. Welcome to Look At My Wedding
Host Andrea Fonseka previews where and what to expect from the Look at My Wedding Series....
The Bride Story
2. The Bride Story
This episode reveals a selection of the series “ best ever brides” in the best ever places in the world to get married....
The Grooms Story
3. The Grooms Story
Take this any way you want as we see a series of extraordinary grooms who do their best to the occasion....
Ultra Unique Weddings
4. Ultra Unique Weddings
Extraordinary weddings from New York City (with celebrant Joan Rivers) to the incredible Santorini in Greece....
Wedding Destinations
5. Wedding Destinations
This is the destination episode and it features some of the worlds best.. Bora Bora in Tahiti. The Indian Ocean's Maldives, Indonesia's Bali, Australia's Whitsunday islands and even a taste of the Australia Bush....
No Holds Barred
6. No Holds Barred
Wedding themes, vows, guests and wardrobe all contribute to what make the weddings in this show quite eccentric not to mention the special effects, the props, the pre-wedding rituals and the amazing after parties....
Amazing Wedding Rituals
7. Amazing Wedding Rituals
Country by country the wedding ritual almost seem to be competing with each other in the areas of being romantic, expensive, ridiculous, cheesy, dangerous and even erotic....