Spice Islands Of The World

Spice Islands Of The World

  • TV-G
  • 2013
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishDirectorHoo Eek Kee
Indonesia's Spice Islands: Indonesian Chef Tomy has a fun personality and uses it to make cooking genuine Indonesian recipes both entertaining and easy. Nothing complicated here just 500 years of Indonesian cooking history and recipes condensed into this introductory educational series. You can actually watch and prepare along with Tomy as he puts together recipes step by step....
Season 1

24 Episodes
Ayam Kacang Bukit Tinggi
1. Ayam Kacang Bukit Tinggi
Presenting Ayam Kacang Bukit Tinggi or Peanut Chicken from Bukit Tinggi! This recipe originates from the mountainous region of the sumatera Island. This recipe is popular amongst the Sumateran people. A fragrant, nutty and saucy dish....
Rendang Daging
2. Rendang Daging
Presenting Rendang Daging or Beef Rendang from Padang. A range of spices and coconut milk, slowly cooked with a beef cut to create a caramelized beef dish that is in comparison to no other. Considered to be the symbol of Indonesian cooking, the Rendang is a must if you would like to taste the best in Indonesian cooking....
Gulai Kepala Ikan
3. Gulai Kepala Ikan
Presenting Gulai Kepala Ikan or Sumateran Fish Head Curry. Inspired by Indian traders combined with local herbs and spices created the very popular dish that is well known throughout asia....
Ayam Percik
4. Ayam Percik
Presenting Ayam Percik or the South Sumateran Splash Chicken! The vibrant color of taste when you bite into it is what this recipe is all about! In this recipe the chicken is firstly infused with flavorful herbs and spices and then oven baked to perfection. The crispy chicken is sauced with a colorful and vibrant sauce....
5. Karedok
Presenting Karedok is a raw vegetable salad in peanut sauce originally from west java, Indonesia. It is one of the Sundanese signature dishes. It is made from fresh cucumber, bean sprouts, white cabbage, small green eggplant, carrots and local basil leafs covered in peanut sauce dressing. Karedok is widely served as daily food in the Sundanese family, usually eaten with hot rice....
Ayam Taliwang
6. Ayam Taliwang
Presenting Ayam Taliwang or Taliwang Chili Grilled Chicken. This indigenous recipe originates from the southern islands of Indonesia. Chicken marinated with bright, colorful herbs and spices then char grilled to perfection. That’s why this is a widely enjoyed dish In Indonesia!...
Ikan Bakar
7. Ikan Bakar
Presenting Ikan Bakar or Indonesian Grilled Fish is a favorite dish amongst seaside restaurants. Fresh, Fragrant and Tasty, the Indonesian grilled fish is coated with a marinade that uses coriander, lime leaves, palm sugar and sweet soy sauce then grilled to perfection. A treat you will never forget....
Ayam Tangkap
8. Ayam Tangkap
Presenting Ayam Tangkap or Caught Chicken: Acehnese fried chicken bits! A recipe originally from the jungle: tasty, crispy chickens bits sprinkled with crispy fried pandan and curry leaves. Traditional finger food at its best!...
Ikan Cuka
9. Ikan Cuka
Presenting Ikan Cuka or Vinegar Fish. Rice wine vinegar drizzled over crispy fried fish on top of chunky, fresh and tasty Indonesian Sambal. Served with rice, bread or potatoes....
Mie Ayam Bangka
10. Mie Ayam Bangka
Presenting Mie Ayam Bangka or the Chicken Noodle Soup from Bangka. This locally famous hawker dish has earned its place as the star of street food dining in Indonesia. Egg noodles topped with a sweet soy sauté of chicken and mushrooms chunks, then submerged by a thick and tasty chicken broth....
Sate Maranggi
11. Sate Maranggi
Presenting Sate Maranggi or the Maranggi Sate Skewers from West Java. This recipe is one of, if not the, best kept secret of the Sundanese people. A beautiful marriage of succulent beef skewers meeting traditional spices and tastes topped with an authentic bright and spicy sauce....
Sate Ayam Madura
12. Sate Ayam Madura
Presenting Sate Ayam Madura or Madura Chicken Satay is the holy grail of grilled skewer chicken. It is one of the classic dishes enjoyed by diverse ethnic groups in Indonesia. The dish is marinated with blended Shallots, candle nut, garlic, chili, lime juice and peanut sauce and grilled to perfection. The juicy grilled sate is drizzle with Indonesia’s famous sweat soy sauce....
Telur Balado
13. Telur Balado
Presenting Telur Balado or the Boiled Egg served the Balado Way. Simplicity could not come any tastier, a mild spiced, tasty sambal accompanies a humble boiled egg then topped with freshly pickled carrots and cucumbers to create a dish that the whole family is bound to enjoy...
Bandrek & Gorengan
14. Bandrek & Gorengan
Presenting Bandrek & Gorengan is a traditional warm, sweet and pungent beverage with fried nib lets native to west Java, Indonesia. The Sundanese people who live in the highland’s cool climate prefer to consume bandrek and gorengan to warm a conversation on a cold night. ....
Ikan Terbang
15. Ikan Terbang
Presenting Ikan Terbang or Deep fried fish with simple Sambal. Sometimes, a dish becomes a star because of its unique look. This is one of them; fried fish that is cut the “Terbang” or “Flying” way makes this dish stand out even more. Paired with a simple Sambal makes this recipe a show stopper at any table....
16. Gado-gado
Presenting Gado-gado or “All mixed up” originates from Central Java. A mix of blanched, boiled and fresh vegetables and coated with a peanut sauce and served with rice cakes or warm rice. Gado-gado is a famous dish available in most hotels and restaurants in Indonesia....
Terong balado
17. Terong balado
Presenting Terong balado or Egg plant and Sambal. Common and a favourite in any Indonesian food establishment, The Terong Balado is a prime exemplification of how beautiful produce can taste sublime when well prepared. This recipe uses the grill and only the grill to transform this traditionally favorite dish into a smokey and sensational masterpiece....
Ikan Kalimantan
18. Ikan Kalimantan
Presenting Ikan Kalimantan or Kalimantan style baked fish. Being an archipelago, Indonesians had to find interesting ways to prepare fish. The Kalimantan Tribes have perfected this baked fish recipe so that it incorporates subtle flavors that have made this fish recipe a big hit!...
Ikan woku
19. Ikan woku
Presenting Ikan woku or Fish cooked Woku Style. This type of dish comes from Manado, the northern tip of Sulawesi and home of some of the best diving spots in the world. Woku has to be fresh, fragrant and flavorful, a real exciting twist to the common fish making it not only beautiful in color but also inviting to taste...
Sepat Banang
20. Sepat Banang
Presenting Sepat Banang Nusa Tenggara Barat’s grilled prawn and fish dish. Fresh sea water fish and prawns grilled to perfection while covered by a flavorful marinade. Then let the rest of the marinade join chopped grilled eggplant and asian basil to become a chunky and tasty compliment. Combined, a perfect match!...
Udang Asam Manis
21. Udang Asam Manis
Presenting Udang Asam Manis or Sweet and Sour Prawns is casually known to be Chinese influenced and that is more apparent South Sumateran Cooking. This dish in inspired by usage of vegetables, fruits and spices from this area. Beautifully flavored stir fry veg and prawns served in a pineapple bowl; A feast for the eyes....
Sop Buntut
22. Sop Buntut
Presenting Sop Buntut or Indonesian Oxtail soup, is a favorite dish in restaurants and hotels. The tail meat is slowly cooked with aromatics and spices, served with a rich and clear beef broth, boiled potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. The key is in the flavor, this recipe uses vanilla as its signature twist. The dish is commonly eaten with rice and accompanied with sambal, kerupuk, sweet soy sauce and lime juice. No wonder it’s a favorite!...
Ayam Kalasan
23. Ayam Kalasan
Presenting Ayam Kalasan or Chicken prepared the Kalasan Way. Chicken Kalasan is first boiled in coconut water and aromatic herbs and ingredients, then fried to perfection. It is served with sambal and sweet soy sauce. Truly, its’ unique and exotic taste will be a bite you've never experienced before....
Kue Jagung
24. Kue Jagung
Presenting Kue Jagung or Deep fried Corn Cakes. Corn batter flavored with chilies, and spring onions, then deep fried til golden brown and drizzled with a palm sugar caramel. The best companion for afternoon tea and coffee....