Unreported World

Unreported World

  • TV-MA
  • 2017
  • 3 Seasons
Channel 4's acclaimed current affairs documentary strand in which reporters travel around the world uncovering stories overlooked by the world's media....
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7 Episodes
Dying To Come To Britainnow playing
1. Dying To Come To Britain
Shaunagh Connaire is in Lebanon to meet the desperately ill Syrian refugees who’ve been recognised by official agencies as in need of life-saving treatment in the west, but whose urgent resettlement cases are stalled in bureaucracy and delays amid a growing culture of hostility towards refugees, and the impact of US President Trump’s recent travel ban....
Peru's Monkey Business
2. Peru's Monkey Business
Channel 4’s multi-award winning Unreported World returns for its thirty-third series with an eye-opening film from Peru, exposing the callous and illegal wildlife trade in the Amazon jungle. Animal trafficking is a global trade that's seen an unprecedented spike in recent years, threatening dozens of species with extinction....
Putin's Family Values
3. Putin's Family Values
Unreported World travels to Putin’s Russia, where traditionalist values and Orthodox religion are on the rise. In the eyes of the most powerful, the State is facing a shrinking population and a spiritual void left by the end of communism. We meet the families who, with large numbers of children and a deep faith, are being held up as a beacon of hope in 21st Century Russia....
Obesity In Paradise
4. Obesity In Paradise
Unreported World travels to the Pacific Islands Samoa and American Samoa to investigate an obesity crisis. Samoa is an independent state and American Samoa is an American protectorate, but they share a common culture. Rapid modernisation on the islands has led to the rise of cheap, high-fat imported foods, and now American Samoa and Samoa have the highest proportion of chronically obese people in the world: in American Samoa 93 percent of people are obese, and in Samoa, 80 percent....
Africa's Superstar Gladiators
5. Africa's Superstar Gladiators
Reporter Seyi Rhodes and Director Jessica Kelly are in Senegal to explore the national obsession with competitive wrestling. It’s one of Senegal’s fastest growing sports and offers young men the opportunity to earn big money in a country battling poverty and unemployment. Unreported World meets some of the superstar wrestlers treated like Gods and worshipped by entire neighbourhoods, as well as up and coming fighters pushing their bodies to the limits in the hope of making enough money to support their families....
North Korea's Reality Stars
6. North Korea's Reality Stars
Unreported World explores the new genre of primetime TV shows gripping South Korea: 'Defector TV'. For more than half a century North Korea has remained the most closed-off, repressive regime on the planet, fuelling fear and propaganda in South Korea. Now, some of the 30,000 North Korean defectors are finding fame and celebrity on ‘Defector TV' shows and social media by revealing the truth about life under the Kim dynasty. Other defectors-cum-activists are funnelling information in and out across the border in an attempt to undermine Kim Jong-un’s grip on power. Seyi Rhodes investigates what is being coined ‘The Information War’. At every turn this film will reflect what's really happening inside the secret state of North Korea....
Making America Read
7. Making America Read
America is the most powerful nation in the world, yet 30 million people can’t read well enough to get a job. That’s one in five adults – a figure similar to The Democratic Republic of Congo. Just a few weeks after Donald J Trump is sworn in as the 45th President, reporter Kiki King and director Karolina Mottram travel to Detroit, Michigan – at a time when literacy is becoming a major political issue....