City Monster

City Monster

  • TV-Y7
  • 2014
  • 1 Season
DirectorAbel Cabrero - Ibán Roca
Vampires, werewolves, zombies... Most of them have long surrendered to the modern age and live anonymously in large cities. Respectable, hard-working people with a mortgage and children who go to school like other boys and girls. This is the setting in which the CITY MONSTER four nine-year-old monsters, are struggling to find their place in the world, just like any other child of their age. Dreams, laughs, exams, first love... They don't need the bites or the blood-curdling screams of their ancestors to get into trouble. Everyday life in today's crazy society is 'horrifying' enough and it can be a real struggle just to get through the day....
Season 1

13 Episodes
Basquet panicnow playing
1. Basquet panic
Some strange new students arrive at school, but not all the local students take to them. City Monsters realize they will have to struggle to earn the respect of their peers....
Fangs, is that you?
2. Fangs, is that you?
FANGS is fed up of being the responsible one for the CITY MONSTERS and accepts the FAIRY GODMOTHER’S proposal of changing her personality. But changing into a werewolf, a zombie, or a Frankenstein monster, also has its disavantages, especially when the changes are not what the FAIRY GODMOTHER said they would be....
Flee,Fleas, Flee
3. Flee,Fleas, Flee
A plague of fleas invades the school and all the critiques relapse on HOWL. The MOS and the rest of her friends are not ready to bear this discrimination and they fight against all his means to save the honor of his friend....
Alien invasion
4. Alien invasion
The school has been invaded by some aliens, only FRANKI can save the city from the threat, perhaps but the FAIRY GODMOTHER’S help is not as good has was thought....
Hamburguer Bang Bang
5. Hamburguer Bang Bang
After the last indigestion of hamburgers in the college, FANS decides to act. Her first clash with the cook finishes in disaster but uncompromising vampire finds in FRANKI's ingenuity the solution to his problems....
6. RH+
When FANGS hears about the upcoming medical check-up at school, she begins a lone race against time to get out of it. Just thinking about those needles turns her white as a sheet. This is serious. FANGS is a vampire can't stand the sight of blood. If her secret ever got out she'd be the laughing stock of the whole school....
Golden Brains
7. Golden Brains
In order to clear up any class mate’s doubts about FRANKI’S intelligence FANGS signs CITY MONSTERS up to the national young talent contest. Meanwhile FRANKI shuts himself up in order to studie, HOWL and BONNY can only think about the tv cameras....
Secret Admirer
8. Secret Admirer
Because of a mistake by BONNIE, MOS thinks the declaration of love that's appeared in her locker is from the sexiest boy in school. FANGS excitedly asks her best friend HOWL for advice. Realising that FANGS has fallen in love with someone else, HOWL doesn't dare confess it was he who wrote the note....
Full moon
9. Full moon
When FRANKI arrives at HOWL’s home, FANGS and BONNY have been practicing self-control technics with the next full moon in mind. Luckily FRANKI has great news, according to his calculation the will be a eclipse soon....
Cursed cookie
10. Cursed cookie
Today, at school, there is a cookie contest. The CITY MONSTERS are excited, but when FANGS can’t find a microwave, then she put her cookie in the old pantry oven it turns into a monster cookie....
Dangerous Game
11. Dangerous Game
When someone gives FRANKI the latest computer game he stops going to the park with his friends and soon starts cutting class. FANGS, BONNIE and FANGS have got to do something about it. FANGS has the bright idea of hacking into her friend's computer and making him think the world has come to an end....
Secrets for sale
12. Secrets for sale
When BONNIE decides to sell the personal diary of a classmate to URSULA UNSCRUPULOUS, the presenter of the TV program, "Secrets for Sale" BONNIE is not aware of the mess that she is getting into. His friends must make a big effort to convince her to undo the harm done....
Beautiful bones
13. Beautiful bones
FAIRY GODMOTHER casts a spell on Bonnie (asked by her) to make her irresistable for the othere, in exchange for one of her bones for the FAIRY GODMOTHER´s pet. FANGS tries to persuade her friend Bonnie to cast off the spell, but BONNIE is thrilled with her diva role but keeps on loosing bones....