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Diary Tootsies The Series Season 1

Diary Tootsies The Series Season 1

  • TV-14
  • 2016
StarringPaopetch CharoensookThongchai ThongkuntomRatthanant JanyajirawongPattarasaya KruasuwansiriKritsanapoom PibunsonggramDirectorKittiphak Thong-Uam
Adapted from a famous fan page with nearly 700,000 likes into a comedy TV series about a gang of gay friends who are on a mission to find true love. This is a very candid glimpse into what life is like for gay people in today’s interconnected world. The storyline revolves around Gus (Petch- Paopetch Charoensuk) a slim figured tootsie who is a self-professed expert in the field of plastic surgery and his queer partners in crime; Golf (Ping Pong- Thongchai Thongkunthom) an oversized tootsie who is really into dancing; Kim (Ter- Rattanun Janyajirawong) a steward who was known to be a wallflower but now is notorious for being more like a Venus flytrap in the gay dating scene and Natty (Peak- Pattarasaya Kruesuwansiri) a nutty event MC, who is the only “real” female in the group....
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