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Follow Alana Taiwan

Follow Alana Taiwan

  • TV-G
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishStarringAlana NicholsDirectorLi Kuo-Hao
Follow Alana is a series of travel show hosted by Alana Nichols, who was born profoundly deaf but now became a fluent speaking host. Each episode, Alana embarks on a journey to explore the stunning scenery, different lifestyle, and unique culture of each destination. Alana meets many interesting people along the way and witnesses how they cherish things around them. She also encourages everyone to build a loving and sustainable relationship with the nature and the environment we live in....
Season 1

13 Episodes
Row, row your boat
1. Row, row your boat
In this episode, in order to decode the secret of kayak, Alana makes a customized kayak on her own for the first time with the help of the experts. Alana is also trained to have the understanding of the basic techniques of rowing kayak. Before set off, the experts bring Alana to Yangming Mountain to enjoy the steamed buns and sweet yam, they want Alana fully prepared and has the energy to row. After the kayak is ready, she departs with the experts from the harbor to Candle Stick Islet and the secret beach....
Sleep Under the Stars
2. Sleep Under the Stars
Following the lead of Mr. Li, Alana goes into the mountain with the least equipment. Mr. Li teaches Alana how to find clues from footprints of animals for direction in the forest. In this journey, they discuss about camping and tracking skills. Setting fire is one of the most important skills for wildness survival. He taught Alana how to set fire and make a shelter for herself during the night....
Guarding Our Forest
3. Guarding Our Forest
Taitung is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Taiwan and has the largest forest. Alana goes to the forest museum and discover the charm of the forest. She also goes to father Lui’s second hand bookstore where she learns how to treasure the goods and resources....
Foreign Locals
4. Foreign Locals
In this episode, Alana learns surfing skills, kayaking and making lemon tart with experts from New Zealand and France. Through this process, she sees the beauty of Taitung and learns why the foreigners choose to reside in Taiwan....
5. Perseverance
Alana comes to Taitung and visits Mr. Yen. Following Mr. Yen’s lead, Alana rides a bike along the Taitung biking routes and appreciates the beauty of Taitung with students from Junyi Academy. They pass through Siki Sufin studio, Cotton house and Paul Chiang’s studio along the way. Alana explored different sides of Taitung through the works of local artists....
Happy Farmers
6. Happy Farmers
In this episode, the expert teaches Alana the various works in the rice field and showed her the eco-friendly way of cultivating. Through the process, Alana learns how much hard work it requires before people can enjoy a bowl of delicious rice on their dining table....
A Slippery Adventure
7. A Slippery Adventure
Rappling is an extremely exciting activity. But safety comes first. Alana takes training lessons and learns how to use the equipment before she sets off. Once well prepared, Alana follows the experts to embark on a wild and slippery adventure, including waterfall rappelling and canyoneering....
Autumn Harvest
8. Autumn Harvest
Alana follows the persimmon expert to experience the process of picking persimmons and making the dried persimmon. Along the way, Alana discovers that they also make the best use of the persimmon. Instead of throwing away the persimmon skins, they use it as a kind of pigment for dying clothing....
View from the Top
9. View from the Top
In this episode, Alana starts from taking the basic training of climbing the tree. She practices the tree-climbing skill at East Eye Mountain and observes the mountain ecology during the night time. The coach take Alana climbing up to the crown layer of trees. From there, she’s able to appreciate the different views of the mountain....
Camping Together
10. Camping Together
In this episode, Alana participates in the colorful camping festival, which is a completely different camping experience from the extreme camping last time. Everyone bring and decorate their own tents and cook foods to share with others....
The Roots of Tea
11. The Roots of Tea
Alana wants to find out how tea is produced. She goes to Pinglin district and meets a group of young people who dedicate to eco-friendly tea farming process. Alana learns the principles of friendly cultivating and also tastes the tea freshly made ....
Fields of Salt
12. Fields of Salt
Alana goes to Tainan in this episode. The first stop of this journey is to the salt museum where she finds the 366 birth salts.Alana visits the old house at Beimen, tastes special local dishes, and goes down to the salt fields....
Tiny Treasures
13. Tiny Treasures
In this episode, Alana visits Pingtung where a high quality coffee beans are produced. The technique of growing coffee beans are passed down in Tikuvulu tribe and becomes the treasure of the tribe due to the efforts of local people. Aside from coffee beans, the local also continues the craft of glass beads which is also a tradition passed down by the ancestor....