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The Distance Between

The Distance Between

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesNepaliThaiIndonesianMandarin (Simplified)MalayEnglishBanglaStarringRichie KohChantalle NgShane Pow
Amos (Richie Koh) is a rich kid used to spending money and creating trouble for his parents. He was expelled from school for his bad behavior. He even lost his house to a man named Warren (Shane Pow), a poor student who has to busk on the streets for extra money. Forced to move into a caravan with no financial aid from his father, he turned to his mother, who tasked him with obtaining 12 items from different locations around Australia. Upon completing the task, he will get the money he badly needs. He found a friend in CoCo (Chantalle Ng), who is willing to go with him on his quest. Unknown to Amos, CoCo isn’t as simple as she seems, and neither is Warren, who followed them on their journey. The odd trio starts an unusual relationship as they travel along. But what exactly are Warren and CoCo’s intentions and why are they following Amos on his quest? Who will CoCo eventually choose amongst the two?...
Season 1

13 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Amos is a good-for-nothing rich man’s son who studies in Australia. Seeing how spiteful and rebellious he is, Amos’ dad decides to teach him a lesson. After selling the family’s mansion to Warren, Amos’ dad later informs Amos that he has bought a new house. Amos meets Coco, a fresh graduate, who guides him to his new house. However, Amos is shocked as the new house is actually just a campervan. While he is furious about his dad’s arrangement, Coco continues to glare at him from behind, secretly planning her search for the murderer… Amos....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Even though Warren stays in a huge bungalow, he has never showed any sign of happiness. On a visit to the night market, he spots a butterfly pendant and desperately chases after it. To his disappointment, he soon realizes that the pendant is not the one he has been looking for. He later receives a message from the mysterious Big Boss, who provides him with 20,000 dollars so long as he completes the mission. On the other hand, Amos realizes that his bank account has been frozen and thus calls his mother for assistance. She gives him a list of addresses and tells him to gather various items from the owners of respective locations. Upon completing the mission, she will then give him one-year worth of allowance. Coco finds out about Amos’ plans and volunteers to follow him around. The two of them set off on the campervan and Coco is secretly delighted that Amos has fallen into her trap. What both of them fail to realize is, they are actually being followed by a mysterious man....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Amos and Coco embark on the journey together. The first location is the lobster shack where Amos is told to report for work the very next day. However, as Amos has never worked for others before, he becomes frantic and brings Coco to the sand dunes to destress. Unfortunately, he drops his phone, which is later picked up by Warren, who then informs the mysterious Big Boss. Amos and Coco return to find the phone but end up getting lost. Coco becomes dehydrated and faints as a result. As she loses consciousness, a suspicious man approaches....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Amos finds Coco in Warren’s car and misunderstands that Warren has ill intentions. Coco wakes up just in time and explains that Warren is the one who saved her. Amos realizes that Warren is the buyer of his house in Queensland and thus bears a grudge against him. Warren sympathizes with Coco and accidentally let on that he does not have a home as well. In the meantime, Amos finishes his job and obtains a toy lobster from the owner, much to his bewilderment. In the middle of the night, Coco wakes Amos up after seeing that he was experiencing a nightmare. The two of them arrive at the second location, a museum, but notices a foul smell. They open the door, only to witness a lifeless elderly lying before them....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Shocked, Amos suffers from a panic disorder attack. Warren appears just in time to calm him down and Coco unexpectedly shows genuine concern for Amos as well. As Coco approaches a wedding dress exhibit in the museum, she is reminded of the day when her mother remarried and thus becomes upset. Warren and Coco return and realize that there is something weird about the museum. They got afraid when the sound of a crying woman echoes across the museum, but later realizes that it is just a prank of Amos. However, as the three of them rest in the campervan in the middle of the night, a distraught-looking woman suddenly knocks on their door, scaring all of them....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
As it turns out, the “ghost” is Estee, daughter of the curator of the museum, Alan. She shares her life story with the trio, mentioning how strained her relationship with her father was in the past. Her story reminds Coco about her dad as well as the deceased Calvin. With Coco fanning the flames by the side, Warren and Amos challenge against each other but the match ends up in a tie. In the process, Amos learns to be less arrogant, while Warren unintentionally reveals his fear of heights. Before leaving Alan’s house, Warren finds out that Coco has a butterfly pendant but misses the opportunity to verify if that is what he has been looking for. Nonetheless, he remains determined to find out the truth....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Amos and Coco continue on their journey. Amos experience what it is like to be penniless. When Coco is caught for stealing, Amos pulls her away just in time and that made her heart flutter. Unknown to the two, Warren, who was hiding by the side, pays on behalf of Coco. As Amos has lost the key to his campervan, Warren ‘coincidentally’ appears to send them to their destination, but on one condition. Amos arrives at the next location, the quadbike rental shop at Wagone Beach. Coco steals Amos’ mobile phone when he is distracted and searches through it to uncover the relationship between Amos and Calvin. Realizing that his phone is stolen, Amos chases after Coco and Warren on a quadbike. Finally, Coco finds a photo of Calvin and Amos, but makes Warren a scapegoat when Amos catches up with them. Warren claims that he has been following them as he is interested in Coco. In a fit of anger, Amos gives Warren a punch....
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Coco refuses to speak to Amos and becomes withdrawn after seeing the photo. After Warren continuously pushes her for an answer, she finally let on that Calvin is her brother and suspects that he died in the process of helping Amos. As seen from the photo, Amos was indeed with Calvin on that fateful night. She informs Warren about her intentions to revenge for Calvin, and thus seek Warren’s help to get rid of Amos at the secluded Kangaroo Island....
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Coco convinces Warren to be her accomplice to push Amos down the cliff. However, little did she know that Warren is actually employed by Big Boss to protect Amos. Just as he is about to stop her in the act, Coco finds it difficult to harm Amos as well due to the friendship they have forged over the trip. Over a struggle between Coco and Warren, the two of them fall to the ground and nearly kiss each other, causing Amos to be jealous. Trapped between the past and present, Coco becomes confused over what she should do especially after seeing how Amos has changed into a diligent and responsible man at work. One day, she realizes that Warren has rummaged through her stuff and found out about the butterfly pendant. As she has always trusted in him, Coco is shocked to know that Warren has a secret side to him that she does not know about....
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Coco guards against Warren while Amos suggests to search through Warren’s belongings. Amos offers Coco a pair of tickets to “Swimming with Tuna” in order to draw Warren away. Realizing that Amos has been working hard to fulfill her dreams, Coco is deeply touched but conflicted at the same time. Amos informs Coco that Warren has his photos in the computer and thus confirms that Warren has been following him. Coco, however, suspects that Warren’s target may have been her instead. To the guys’ disbelief, Coco disappears on the following day as she has decided to stay away from the both of them. Amos and Warren desperately search for her, not knowing that she is in danger with a sinister-looking middle-aged man....
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
Amos and Warren work together and successfully locate Coco, who says that she can no longer trust the two of them. Warren finally admits that the butterfly pendant belongs to him and questions if she is the one who stole it. Amos goes on to interrogate Warren on why Warren has photos of him in the computer. To Amos’ surprise, Warren claims that it was their fault for acting suspiciously and informs Amos that it was Coco who stole his phone. Unable to take it any further, Coco pulls Amos and leave, while Warren calls Big Boss, who turns out to be ShanMin. As it turns out, ShanMin is the one who has instructed Warren to protect Amos from Coco....
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Amos brings Coco to the Movie World. Taking the opportunity when Amos walked away, Warren takes the opportunity to drag Coco to ride on the roller coaster as a form of self-punishment. Warren apologizes to Coco, who admits that she found the butterfly pendant by accident. Coco tells Warren about Calvin as well as how her real name, Vanessa, essentially means butterfly. Amos unintentionally hears the story and is shocked by the truth. On the following day, Coco returns the butterfly pendant to Warren as she realizes how precious it is to him. Warren asks her if she has any intentions to ask Amos about Calvin’s death, to which she let on about how guilty she feels towards Amos. The two of them return to the hotel, but realize that Amos has left....
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
Warren advices Coco to have a good talk with Amos. Warren reveals that he is in fact a bodyguard employed by Amos’ dad and Coco is stunned by the sheer amount of secrets they have kept from each other. Knowing where Amos is, Warren brings Coco to an ancient movie theatre but Amos intentionally hides away from them. An old steward appears and passes Amos a thumbdrive which includes a video that ShanMin has recorded. Amos soon finds out that all the places that he has visited are locations where ShanMin worked at in the past and all the items he received are mementoes specially prepared by ShanMin. With the support from his dad, Amos finally musters the courage to face Warren and Coco. Amos pleads for Coco’s forgiveness, who agrees upon Warren’s encouragement. Finally, Amos and Coco return home and Warren decides to lead a new life of his own. Surprisingly, both Warren and Amos decide to confess their love to Coco at the same time. Who will she eventually end up with?...
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