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Pingu In The City
S01E01 Pingu cooks up a treat!




Pingu In The City

Pingu In The City

  • TV-G
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
StarringRyota IwasakiFumiya TanakaDirectorNaomi Iwata
An animated series about Pingu the little penguin's adventures in the city and its interesting jobs, where his cheerful creativity often gets him into trouble but also saves him every time....
Season 1

26 Episodes
Pingu cooks up a treat!
1. Pingu cooks up a treat!
Helping out at a restaurant, Pingu gets the idea to "help" with the soup while the chef is away....
Watch your step, Pingu!
2. Watch your step, Pingu!
Pingu decides to stand watch over the freshly paved walkway until the ice hardens so no one will leave footprints....
Pingu's rules of babysitting
3. Pingu's rules of babysitting
Pingu is babysitting at home, but when Pinga and her friend's playing soccer indoors gets out of hand, he decides to take it outside....
Pingu the Baker
4. Pingu the Baker
Pingu takes an interest in baking, and when his penguin-shaped bread is a success, he decides to bake more....
Pingu the super substitute
5. Pingu the super substitute
At a local soccer match, Pingu makes an unexpected appearance on the field after the captain is injured....
Pingu at your service
6. Pingu at your service
Pingu hits on the idea to start a food delivery service with the chef while his restaurant is closed for renovations....
Power up Pingu
7. Power up Pingu
During a blackout, Pingu and Pinga discover that their neighbor inventor is able to generate his own electricity....
Buzz Off!
8. Buzz Off!
Pingu is helping out at the flower shop, when something lurking in the flowers suddenly attacks....
Pingu the Hero!
9. Pingu the Hero!
Pingu befriends a benchwarmer for the local soccer team, and discovers his new friend's hidden talent....
Flower Power
10. Flower Power
While Pingu is helping out at the flower shop, the chef and the firefighter begin a contest over who orders the biggest bouquet to impress the girl at the shop....
Let's Build an igloo!
11. Let's Build an igloo!
Pingu decides to build himself an igloo, and when he can't find ice blocks that are big enough, Robby offers to help....
Special Delivery for Pingu
12. Special Delivery for Pingu
Pingu helps Papa deliver the mail, but when Pinga picks a fight with him over who gets to wear Dad's mailman hat, she feels terrible for getting Pingu in trouble....
Pingu saves Christmas
13. Pingu saves Christmas
Pingu and Robby discover Santa's bag full of presents, and decide to deliver the presents themselves....
Pingu's Magnet Muddle
14. Pingu's Magnet Muddle
While enjoying the super convenient invention that pulls anything you wish for towards you, Pingu decides to use it to take the television remote from Pinga....
The Art of Baking
15. The Art of Baking
Pingu and friends decides to help the chef sell bread, but their attempt to change the display creates a very tall and very big bread tower that begins to topple....
Mama's Birthday Surprise
16. Mama's Birthday Surprise
Everybody is busy getting ready for Mama's surprise birthday party, but Pingu bumps into her on his way back from the flower shop carrying a big bouquet....
Pingu takes flight
17. Pingu takes flight
The inventor makes Pingu's dream of flying come true with his flying machine no.2, but the joy is short-lived as things quickly begin to go horribly wrong....
Pingu Glides to Fame
18. Pingu Glides to Fame
Pingu and Pinga begin figure skating after watching skaters at the rink, and as the crowd cheers them on, the two take their ice show into to the city, where the residents join in....
Pingu plugs a leak
19. Pingu plugs a leak
The carpenter and Pingu are fixing leaks in the water pipe, and when they think they are finally finished, water springs out from beneath the road....
Pingu and Pinga Fashionista's
20. Pingu and Pinga Fashionista's
Pingu and the fashion-conscious Pinga use the inventor's new knitting machine without permission and have lots of fun - maybe too much fun....
Keep it up Pingu!
21. Keep it up Pingu!
Pingu wants to learn to juggle a soccer ball like the local team players, but he is too concentrated on the ball as he heads towards the city....
Pingu's Catch of the Day
22. Pingu's Catch of the Day
The chef opens an outdoor restaurant, and Pingu tries to help by catching fish, but things begin to get out of hand when Robby eats all the precious catch....
Stop That Mail!
23. Stop That Mail!
Pingu is delivering the mail for Papa who has caught a cold, but soon the skateboard the inventor lends him begins to go out of control....
Sticking Together
24. Sticking Together
Pingu and Pinga uses the glue the carpenter left behind to fix their toy airplane, but the two soon start to fight over the glue, and end up getting stuck together....
Everyone's a Winner!
25. Everyone's a Winner!
Pingu on skis, his friend on the snowboard, and Robby on the bobsled compete to decide who is fastest....
Growing Pains
26. Growing Pains
Pingu and Pinga are given seeds from the flower shop, but when only Pinga's seed sprouts, Pingu thinks up a training program to make his seed sprout faster....