Babies On Board

Babies On Board

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishBanglaThaiIndonesianMalayMandarin (Simplified)StarringTay Ping HuiJesseca LiuYa HuiMei XinHong Hui Fang
Pang Shi Yun (Jesseca Liu) is a famous gynaecologist who owns a successful practice. Suffering from a condition called Adenomyosis, she is unable to conceive and seeks to rent the womb of Li Xin Yue (Ya Hui), who is in need of money. Shi Yun’s husband Sun Zhi Hui (Tay Ping Hui), was a successful surgeon, until his failed surgery on his best friend’s mother. Unable to take the setback, he gave up his profession to become a chef. Xin Yue is successfully impregnated and by a stroke of luck, moved in with Shi Yun and Zhi Hui. But Shi Yun soon found out that Xin Yue and Zhi Hui actually knew each other. Not only do they share a secret, but also a very queer and mysterious connection. Xin Yue gradually falls for Zhi Hui, and the three of them soon develop an unusual relationship. Xin Yue suffers complication during childbirth, will Shi Yun save her? What will be their choices?...
Season 1

22 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Peng Shi Yun, a gynecologist and Sun Zhi Hui, a private chef have been married for years. As Shi Yun is always busy with work, she does not spend much time with Zhi Hui, resulting in a distant relationship. Having been a doctor before, Zhi Hui understands the nature of the job Shi Yun is taking. They had lost their child 6 years ago as Shi Yun’s uterus had problems which affected her fertility. However, she hid this fact from Zhi Hui and plans to give birth through surrogacy. She finds a womb rental post online and decides to meet up with her....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
In order to raise medical expenses to treat Rong Xuan’s leukemia, Xin Yue puts up a womb rental post. Unexpectedly, she got a reply from Shi Yun. After they met, Shi Yun feels that Xin Yue is not the best candidate, but admires her for caring for the ill Rong Xuan. Rong Xuan is the sister of Xin Yue’s late boyfriend Ray. Zhi Hui’s assistant, Joey, confesses to Zhi Hui. Zhi Hui rejects her and dismisses her....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Xin Yue sells balloons on the street to raise funds for Rong Xuan. She coincidentally meets Zhi Hui, the doctor who had rescued her boyfriend, Ray, before. However, Zhi Hui does not recognize her. Zhi Hui gives her a suggestion to raise funds online. Thus, she starts up a fund raiser by holding a dinner event, with Zhi Hui as the chef. However, she instead gets into trouble and puts the both of them in danger....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Rong Xuan manages to find bone marrow donors. However, Xin Yue starts to worry about the medical expenses. Shi Yun finds out about this and generously lends Xin Yue money for Rong Xuan’s transplant surgery. Xin Yue offers to pay Shi Yun back by being Shi Yun’s surrogate. Shi Yun takes it into consideration and asks Zhi Hui on his views on surrogacy, finding out that he does not approve of it...
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Shi Yun decides to go through with the surrogacy anyway and have Xin Yue as the surrogate, lying to Zhi Hui by saying she wanted to do an IVF. Zhi Hui does not suspect anything and donates his sperm. Shi Yun then takes advantage of the time Zhi Hui is overseas mountain climbing to bring Xin Yue to Korea for the embryo transfer. To be able to conveniently take care of Xin Yue after her surgery, Shi Yun brings Xin Yue back to her house to stay for a few days. Unexpectedly, Zhi Hui returns early from his trip...
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Shi Yun lies to Zhi Hui about Xin Yue, telling him she is only a friend who needs to stay over for a few days. Shi Yun requests Xin Yue to hide the truth from Zhi Hui. Xin Yue is shocked Zhi Hui is being kept in the dark about the surrogacy. Xin Yue thanks Zhi Hui for saving her ex-boyfriend, Ray, before. Zhi Hui also requests Xin Yue to hide the matter from Shi Yun. Xin Yue is shocked that the couple has so many secrets between each other. When Zhi Hui notices Shi Yun becoming frantic over Xin Yue, he starts to suspect Xin Yue’s real identity…...
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Xin Yue's good friend, Niki, had an accidental pregnancy after being together with a middle-aged man. Xin Yue coincidentally sees Zhi Hui and Niki together, suspecting it was Zhi Hui who was having an affair with Niki. Mei Fang’s mother, Li Feng, unexpectedly becomes pregnant. As Mei Fang did not like her mother’s partner, Ah Cheng, she tells her to get an abortion. Li Da, Mei Fang’s ex-boyfriend, was forced by his mother to marry a Vietnamese girl, Ming Ming. Ming Ming is pregnant, but Li Da doesn’t care and continues to cling onto Mei Fang....
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Xin Yue successfully conceives. Shi Yun is ecstatic and tells Zhi Hui to expect a baby. Rong Xuan had a poor appetite after her transplant. Xin Yue requests for Zhi Hui to cook a dish Ray used to cook for Rong Xuan to encourage her to eat. Xin Yue helps Zhi Hui prepare the dish, but she accidentally spills oil onto the floor, causing Shi Yun to almost fall…...
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Yi Hao’s wife, Ann, undergoes a frozen embryo transfer, but he is unable to make it for the surgery. Instead, he rushes to accompany Niki, which angered Zhi Hui. Xin Yue experiences a pain in her stomach and Zhi Hui sends her to Shi Yun’s clinic for a checkup. Fortunately, she was safe. However, Zhi Hui suddenly asks Shi Yun to do an ultrasound scan to see his baby. What would Shi Yun do?...
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Zhi Hui helps Shi Yun to perform the ultrasound. Mei Fang manages to pull some strings and helps Shi Yun get through undiscovered. Xin Yue discovers Niki’s boyfriend is Yi Hao and realized that she had falsely accused Zhi Hui. Mei Fang