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Kong Kong Land

Kong Kong Land

  • TV-Y
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
DirectorPaul ParkCheol Soo Hong
Animal fairies - Perry(eagle), Rodi(ladybug), Pan(panda), Crabo(crab) and Leocat(lynx) - live in shoe banding machine in the theme park 'Kong Kong Land.' Their goal is to collect foot smell as much as they can do. Because the foot smell is something like wealth and the most important resources in their environment. There is a marble containing compressed foot smell in the theme park and having the marble is the easiest way to be a boss. Animal fairies start using tricks to get the marble....
Season 1

12 Episodes
Terrible Winner!
1. Terrible Winner!
A child approaches a shoe vending machine to pull out a shoe. Animal fairies fight to win and try to go out of bending machine....
2. Dracula
In the quiet night... Leocat turns into Dracula after coming back with foot smell energy. Leocat makes animal fairies into Dracula and what will happen?...
Stinky Warrior
3. Stinky Warrior
Pan changed into stinky warrior after coming back with getting foot smell energy. Fairies start playing GFC game in the bending machine. Who will win?...
Chasing Smell
4. Chasing Smell
Leocat and Crabo steal a foot odor bead and they are chased by Perry the guardian. Can they succeed?...
Ping Pong
5. Ping Pong
Perry finds Leocat running away with stealing foot odor bead....
Crazy Mary
6. Crazy Mary
Pan practices confessing his feeling. Suddenly a robot breakdown because of conflicting with Tom and it chases friends. What will happen?...
Mighty Skater
7. Mighty Skater
Fairies open a skating competition after seeing a ice skate....
Dreamy Bike
8. Dreamy Bike
Fairies playing bikes found a unicorn bicycle at the park. They lose interest because of the bike not going forward. But Mary finds a new secret of the bike....
Basketball Referee
9. Basketball Referee
Pan and Crabo play a basketball game for foot odor bead. Crabo shoots a ball many times but failed. And the next, it is Pan’s turn. Can he succeed?...
Mission Impossible
10. Mission Impossible
Rodi and Leocat try to steal foot odor bead in the energy bank. they secretly get in the bank and the moment they lift up the bead they feel something weird....
11. Disrupter
Leocat goes to the forest to take pictures. But Rodi disturbs Leocat’s taking photo. Can Leocat achieve his purpose?...
12. Dogfight
Leocat and Rodi succeeded stealing foot oder bead. They run away on an airplane. But Perry pursues them. The airplane is on fire while they are fighting......