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  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMalayThaiMandarin (Simplified)EnglishStarringChen Han WeiShaun ChenZhang Yao DongRebecca LimPaige ChuaMichelle WongNick Teo
Xi Ji is now a popular traditional bakery well-loved by its customers, after Lian Da Xi’s (Chen Han Wei) grandfather, Lian Wen Ding, accidentally time-traveled to modern times to salvage the bakery’s reputation. But Xi Ji is now met with yet another crisis, and in his haste to save the family business, Da Xi accidentally falls into a pool and unexpectedly time-traveled back to 1918! Back in time, Da Xi meets Chun Xian (Rebecca Lim) and encourages her to escape an arranged marriage, unaware that she is meant to marry his great-grandfather Xue Geng (Shaun Chen). The unsuccessful union threw the Lians into a financial crisis, and Da Xi unknowingly piqued Xue Geng and roommate Sai Ding’s (Zhang Yao Dong) interest in biscuit-making. The trio started Xi Ji. Da Xi tries to match-make Chun Xian and Xue Geng and returns to the future thinking he has settled all the problems. To his horror, he discovers his great-grandmother is not Chun Xian but Jue Hui (Paige Chua). Will another trip back in time turn the tide around or further jeopardise the future?...
Season 2

20 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Xi Ji is still well-loved and supported by its customers even after three years and Da Xi and Shuang Xi are struggling with the lack of manpower. "Xi Ji" receives a large order, and Da Xi goes to the client's house to convince him to postpone the order but accidentally falls into the swimming pool and realise he has been transported back in time to 1918....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Da Xi is saved by a lady, Chun Xian. Chun Xian reveals she is an unwilling party to an arranged marriage, Da Xi encourages her to stand up for herself and pursue her own happiness. Chun Xian decides to heed Da Xi's words and run away. Unexpectedly, Da Xi realises the groom is his great grandfather, Lian Xue Geng. Assuming Chun Xian to be his great grandmother, Da Xi regrets ruining their fated marriage and decides to change things. He claims himself to be Xue Geng's uncle and starts to stay by his side....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Xue Geng's father passes away and his family goes bankrupt. Fortunately, Xue Geng's good friend Sai Ding decides to take him in. Hence, Xue Geng and Da Xi moves in. Sai Ding's sister, Sai Wen, likes Xue Geng and takes care of him. Chun Xian, who has severed all ties with her father, becomes a Samsui woman. One day, Xue Geng bumps into Chun Xian and humiliates her. The two fall into a conflict and their relationship with one another worsens....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Da Xi tries to get Xue Geng and Chun Xian to reconcile, and arranges for them to watch a wooden puppet show together. However, this results in worsening their relationship with one another. Da Xi feels his body weakening and starts to suspect he is disappearing due to Xue Geng and Chun Xian drifting further apart and history being altered....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Chun Xian moves into the big house, making friends with Sai Wen and the landlord's daughter, Jue Hui. However, she still doesn't see eye to eye with Xue Geng. Sai Ding has a crush on Jue Hui, but Jue Hui likes a wealthier man, Russell. Xue Geng helps Sai Wen sell biscuits. When a customer is making things difficult for Sai Wen, he defends her and even self-proclaims himself as her "lover". Sai Wen hears this and is overjoyed, thinking that Xue Geng meant what he said....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Sai Ding saves Jue Hui when Russell is harassing her. Sai Ding then confesses to Jue Hui, and both of them started dating. Meanwhile, Sai Wen is so in love with Xue Geng that she sells the gold bracelet that her mother had left for her to buy a watch to give it to Xue Geng. However, Xue Geng rejects it and tells Sai Wen that he only treats her as a younger sister, Sai Wen's heart sinks....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Da Xi could not find any jobs, he decides to sell red bean cakes and invites Xue Geng to join him. However, Xue Geng says they do not have the capital to do so. Upon hearing their conversation, Sai Ding is willing to invest in their business. When everyone is discussing happily, the police come and say that someone reported that the cream Sai Ding is selling is fake and want him to follow them to the police station for further investigation...
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Sai Ding feels worried when he finds out that Sai Wen is still not over Xue Geng. He accidentally discovers that one of Sai Wen's loyal customer, Zhang Dong Liang, is interested in her and decides to match-make the both of them. Because of his injured hand, Da Xi could not make the cake. He asks Xue Geng to work for him. In the process of it, Xue Geng discovers his talent in making cakes...
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Da Xi is delighted to see that Chunxian is showing more concern towards Xue Geng. Soon, he reveals his true identity to Chunxian, saying that he is the great-grandson of Chunxian in the future. Upon hearing it, Chunxian could not believe it. Da Xi then asks Chunxian to marry Xue Geng; otherwise, their descendants will disappear. Chunxian is unable to accept the fact....
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Xue Geng wants to be Master Tian's apprentice to learn his skills of making cakes, but Master Tian repeatedly rejects him. However, with the help of Chunxian, Xue Geng soon becomes Master Tian's mentee. Xue Geng is grateful and begins to have a good impression on Chunxian. He decides to pursue her. Da Xi is delighted that the two of them finally get together and has completed his tasks. He plans to go back to the future on the full moon night....
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
Sai Ding found a place for "Xi Ji," and everyone starts to prepare for the new opening. Xue Geng said that without Da Xi's inspiration, there wouldn't be "Xi Ji." Da Xi did not expect that he will be one of the founders for "Xi Ji." "Xi Ji" have its grand opening on the Mid-Autumn festival and business is thriving. Da Xi leaves when everyone is celebrating the success of "Xi Ji." Chun Xian rush to the riverside to bid farewell......
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Da Xi returns to the modern world and resolves the crisis faced by "Xi Ji. Ouyang Xuan is successful pregnant with fraternal twins after using the secret prescription Da Xi bought back from the 1918s. Da Xi bumps into Luna coincidentally, Ouyang Xuan feels jealous when Da Xi and Luna are having a good talk. Da Xi explains that Luna is the one who saved him and she looks similar to his great-grandmother, Ouyang Xuan is suspicious about what Da Xi said...
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
Da Xi is surprise to find out that his great-grandmother is Jue Hui, not Chun Xian, he worried that the history of Lian's would change. Shuang Xi stepped into the Qing Shan's trap by persuading Meng Yong to set up a factory in Vietnam. The only reason for Qing Shan to endure hardship in the Lian's is to find a chance to take revenge for his grandfather Sai Ding....
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
Qing Shan plans to make Ouyang Xuan misunderstood Da Xi and even pushed her down from stairs. Not only that, but he also cause "Xi Ji" to be suspended due to food poisoning incidents. This caused a big loss on "Xi Ji" and makes "Xi Ji" on the verge of bankruptcy. Both Da Xi and Shuang Xi went to look for Qing Shan, but Shuang Xi was beaten up by Qing Shan, and he pushed Da Xi down to the swimming pool, Da Xi ends up traveled back to 100 years ago again.....
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Sai Ding was furious when he discovered that Dong Liang is suffering from venereal disease, he paid someone secretly to expose Dong Liang's prostitution behavior in public. This makes Dong Liang embarrassed, and he fled. Sai Ding even hired gangsters to beat Dong Liang. Jue Hui is disheartened by Sai Ding's vengeful attitude and decided to break up with him....
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
Da Xi and Chun Xian celebrate Bao Zhu's birthday together. When Bao Zhu is making her birthday wish, Da Xi encourages her to pursue her dream bravely, Chun Xian makes a decision after hearing what Da Xi said. She plucks up her courage to confess to Da Xi. Da Xi did not dare to accept it and rejected it gently. Chun Xian is unwilling to give up hope on Da Xi, she decides to win Da Xi's heart, Da Xi is distressed about this....
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
Chun Xian starts to pursue Da Xi, she took the initiative to buy him new clothes. Da Xi did not appreciate it and rejected her again. Chun Xian advises Jue Hui to grasp her own happiness. Jue Hui schemes so that Xue Geng ends up confess