Bunga Tanjong

Bunga Tanjong

  • TV-PG
  • 2016
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMandarin (Simplified)EnglishMalayStarringFarhana M NoorNurul AiniSheiryn AisiqaWahyu RahmanJeff CatzHisyam Hamid
Bunga Tanjong captures the exploratory life journey of Malay women in the late 50s and early 60s. In their effort to pursue happiness and prosperity in life, they encounter obstacles and become victims to men who exploited them. The story revolves around ill-fated Miriam who is forced to stop her education and then married off to a gangster called Hassan. Hassan is an abusive man who intends to sell her in exchange for money. Fortunately, she is saved by a dancer named Wan Katijah and is offered a job as a cabaret dancer. While being there, a senior dancer named Puteh did not welcome Miriam and is determined to make things difficult for her… The involvement of the women is directly seen in several important incidents, both socially and politically, which help shaped the historical development of Singapore itself. Their bitter experiences make them realize that the society will remain backward and unprogressive unless its women are emancipated, enlightened and educated. Will the ladies be able to overcome their struggles and finally find happiness?...
Season 1

4 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Mariam’s education is forced to a stop when she is married off to a gangster named Hassan. Hassan is an irresponsible husband, who is willing to sell off his wife for money. This experience causes Mariam to distrust and build a profound hatred towards all men. With the help of Wan Katijah, Mariam is given a job to work in a popular local dance club, Bunga Tanjong. However, Puteh, a senior dancer in Bunga Tanjong, does not welcome Mariam. One day, a fight between groups of gangster happens in the vicinity of the club. The fight threatens to smear the club’s reputation. The owner of Bunga Tanjong, Kim Chian talks about his problem to Kamal, his loyal assistant. Kim Chian then hires men to eliminate the chief gangster....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Wan Katijah finally reveals her past to Mariam. On the other hand, Mariam expresses her desire to continue her education. Wan Katijah encourages Mariam to save up the money for this job and use it to fund her education in the future. Meanwhile, Kamal shows his interest towards Wan Katijah. Concurrently, a riot has occurred between the Singapore Chinese School students and the police force. Chong Wei, the son of Tauke Chong is involved in the riot and is severely injured. He finds shelter in front of Wan Katijah’s house. Kim Chian gets to know about this and brings Tauke Chong to Wan Katijah’s house. Tauke Chong feels indebted to Wan Katijah for saving his son. Tauke Chong mentions that if Wan Katijah ever needed any assistance, she could look for him....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
The business in Bunga Tanjong continues as usual. However, the happy atmosphere is disrupted when the owner of a neighbouring cabaret club, John Wrights, appears in Bunga Tanjong. In a meeting, John Wrights informs Kim Chian about his plan to buy the land surrounding his club. Kim Chian bribes John to call off his deal. John Wrights also requests for Wan Katijah to be his mistress. Kim Chian is forced to agree. Kamal does not know about what happens. One night, Kim Chian brings in a married Chinese couple to Wan Katijah. The couple is giving their daughter up for adoption. Wan Katijah decides to adopt the baby. Meanwhile, Mariam's abusive husband is frantically looking for Mariam to take revenge....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Mariam finally returns home only to be treated coldly by her father. Mariam finds out that her mother has passed away due to an illness not long after she left. Meanwhile, Hassan is looking for Mariam at Bunga Tanjong. He gets into fight with Kamal. After the fight, Hassan’s grudge against Mariam deepens. Hassan breaks into Mariam’s house and forces her to return to him only to be interrupted by Wan Katijah. They get into quarrel. Amidst the brawl, Hassan takes out a knife and attempts to stab Mariam. However, Wan Katijah pushes Mariam aside, only to be stabbed by Hassan instead. Kamal arrives too late to the scene and sees Wan Katijah falling. Before she passed away, Wan Katijah manages to task Mariam on raising her adopted daughter. Kamal leaves Singapore with his broken heart to get away from the world of Bunga Tanjong....