Running Man 逃婚100 次

Running Man 逃婚100 次

  • TV-PG
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishIndonesianThaiStarringAlien HuangNana LeeDirectorKitamura Toyoharu
In the multiverse, Hsu has 6 different lives and 6 different characters, but he only has one purpose: to run away from Chung, his bride-to-be! Hsu is about to get married, and the only reason is because his one-night-stand girlfriend, Chung, is pregnant. However, for Hsu, he assumes this is not the life he wants, so he decides to run away from his wedding and this current life, if he could. Luckily, with a mysterious man’s help, Hsu receives a magical dice, and with that dice, he can choose to re-live his alternate life in the multiverse. Hsu is thrilled about this second chance, and he promises that he will never make the same mistake, falling in love with Chung again. However, out of the blue, Hsu finds out that Chung is also in his alternative life, just with a different name and characteristics. “How can this be? Why are you here?” Hsu shouts! So, is Chung his meant-to-be-lover? Or, can Hsu ever run away from her in all 6 multiverse?...
Season 1

10 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
The story begins inside a sports car where Hsu Da-cai and Chung Ai-ching are sharing a moment of passion. Suddenly, Ai-ching’s stomach begins to grow bigger and a pregnancy stick appears showing positive results, scaring Da-cai who then escapes from the car. However, the closing car doors soon turn into the doors of the delivery room where Ai-ching cries out in pain while giving birth and Da-cai soon finds a newborn baby in his arms! A frantic Da-cai throws the baby away in shock and the next moment, he finds himself at home, but his sofa, audio system and figurines were all replaced with baby products. Da-cai then tries to escape again, only to turn and find Ai-ching carrying a baby and the next moment, his face was splashed with pee… Da-cai wakes up in shock and finds that it's only a dream! A relieved Da-cai then soon realizes that its also his wedding day today…...
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Hsu Da-cai goes to the bar to confront the bartender and to seek the answers to his experiences, but the bartender appears to be confused. Tseng Da-li then says that Da-cai must have knocked his head. Da-cai tries to explain everything and to find out the location of Chung Ai-ching when the bartender then teases him that if Da-cai had really felt that the marriage will end his freedom, then wouldn’t it be perfect for him that he does not have to go through the marriage now? It then strikes Da-cai… So he does not have to marry anyone now? And that he does not have to escape anymore?...
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Hsu Da-cai rushes down to the car immediately, he will never allow the same thing to ruin his life again! He shouts and throw threats from outside the car, asking Chung Ai-ching to leave. But little did he expect that as the car window is wound down, the woman is not Ai-ching but the campus belle, his crush from the past!...
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Hsu Da-cai falls down from his bed and wakes up in shock. He then discovers that Chung Ai-ching is actually wearing a singlet while helping to tidy up his house. He looks around and sees that all his posters have been taken down by her, it must be her possessive character again! As Da-cai walks out of his room and gets ready to argue with her, she takes the first step by asking him the same question again, “Do you want fried fritters or sesame biscuits for breakfast?”....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Hsu Da-cai realizes that he is falling down from the top of a building, he must have chosen a wrong time to travel through the dimension! Facing the pressure from the fall and speed, Da-cai screams for his life! In a few seconds, Da-cai falls onto the safety mattress. Feeling fortunate that he is still alive, but he finds himself with Chung Ai-ching in his arms?! What happened? Did Ai-ching travel through the dimension too? But how is this possible? However, all his suspicions come to an end when he notices that the Ai-ching he is hugging has a smaller bosom. She must be a different Ai-ching! Before he can even ask Ai-ching what is going on, the both of them are sent onto the ambulance and that was when he realized that he had jumped down together with her! But why… Are the two of them in this dimension a couple who were searching death together?...
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Sitting at the passenger seat of the sports car, Hsu Da-cai is scared to death while Chung Ai-ching drives on ahead at a fast speed, expressionless. Unable to figure out Ai-ching’s motives, Da-cai worries for her while regretting that he has left the dice back at Da-li’s place. There is nothing that he can do but to just follow Ai-ching....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Everything was perfect for Hsu Da-cai in this dimension, except for the huge portrait hanging above his bed. It makes him uneasy, especially so when he attempts to have sex. Unsure whether it is a psychological or physical problem, he decides to seek help from a psychiatrist who advises him to have a surgery. On the day of surgery, as Da-cai lays on the operating table ready for his operation, he starts to find the anesthetist familiar. It is Chung Ai-ching! But before he can call out for her, he starts to lose conscious…...
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Sitting right inside the car is Chung Ai-ching’s kidnapper boyfriend! The kidnapper aimed his gun at Hsu Da-cai and Ai-ching starts to scream. Before the kidnapper pulls the trigger, Ai-ching rushes towards the gun. At that moment, all the dices drop out from Da-cai’s hands and starts to roll on the floor, one in particular starts to become translucent…...
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Walking home together, Hsu Da-cai tells Chung Ai-ching that she is going to become pregnant and hopes that she will agree to his proposal. She does not believe his words and says that that is the worst proposal that she had ever heard of. Towards the end of their date, Ai-ching agrees to go on dates with Da-cai. Looking at her, Da-cai realizes that he has fallen in love with Ai-ching and he holds her hand…...
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Time returns to the days before Chung Ai-ching has met Hsu Da-cai. Ai-ching is a very ambitious career woman who has just started her own fashion label and her own design studio. One day, wanting to celebrate her success at work, she decides to give her boyfriend a surprise only to find that he is having an affair....