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Say Cheese

Say Cheese

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMandarin (Simplified)EnglishStarringJoanne PehRomeo TanChen Li PingRichard LowHong Hui FangCynthia KohRayson TanLin Mei JiaoZen ChongZong Zi JieKimberly ChiaDirectorYi You Chen
Peace Photography Studio is an established but traditional studio founded 80 years ago and had 5 branches in its heyday. Now, there’s only a single studio left and is managed by Pan Ren Yi (Richard Low) and daughter Ze Jia (Joanne Peh). Ze Jia quietly helped out at the studio as she feels indebted to Ren Yi who helped her settle a huge debt 10 years ago, and as a result, she remained single since then. Ke Yuan Hang (Romeo Tan) is a newspaper reporter who is kind and magnanimous, although 5 years younger than Ze Jia, a friendship soon developed. While Ze Jia is irritable and impatient, Yuan Hang is gentle and caring. Their hindrances do not stop there, as Ren Yi is constantly at loggerheads with Yuan Hang’s mother, Hong Zi Yi (Chen Li Ping). Due to Ren Yi’s temperament, he does not get along with all his children, the matter is made worse when Ze Jia’s mother suddenly died in a car accident. Can Ze Jia and Yuan Hang prevail amidst these family troubles? Can they come together and revive the photo studio which is hurtling into the sunset?...
Season 1

20 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Xi Gua Shu inherited his father's photography studio and runs it with his youngest daughter, Ze Jia. Times have changed and business at the photography studio is no good. As a result, Xi Gua Shu finds it difficult to break even every month, but is insistent on keeping it going. Xi Gua Shu and his neighbour, Liu Lian Sao, are at loggerheads. However, Xi Gua Sao and Liu Lian Sao are good friends who love to chat over durian....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Yuan Hang returns the broken sculpture to the pottery artist, confessing he had broken it and is planning to compensate him. Unexpectedly, the artist does not mind at all, and even thanks Yuan Hang for giving his art imperfections. Yuan Hang initially wanted to tell Ze Jia not to compensate him anymore but Liu Lian Sao insists that she pay up. In the end, Ze Jia pays a compensation of $2,000....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Ze Jia's older brother Ze Min discovers his brother-in-law, Ke Lin, is having an affair. Ke Lin denies it at first but is instead given a warning by Ze Min to settle the matter quickly. Ze Min hints to Ze Guo not to be so career-oriented and to spend more time with her family. Ze Guo realises Ke Lin has been out of sorts lately. Thereafter, she sees Ke Lin together with another woman and is shocked....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Yuan Hang feels guilty towards Ze Jia and pays a few female students to have their pictures taken at the photography studio. He wants to pay Ze Jia back by giving her business. Later Ze Jia finds out that Yuan Hang did not actually pay the pottery artist back. Infuriated, she labels him a big liar and demands that he return her the money compensated to him. He returns her the $2,000 but laments the fact that he had given back twice the amount....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
It's National Day and Xi Gua Shu accidentally loses his tickets to the National Day Parade. His tickets are found by Liu Lian Sao. Overjoyed, she brings Yuan Hang and her neighbours to watch the parade. Before leaving for the show, she learns that Xi Gua Shu had lost his tickets and realises she had picked up his tickets. However, she does not return them to him. She only tells him after the show, thus angering Xi Gua Shu....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Ze Jia goes for the job interview. Unexpectedly, the chairman of the company turns out to be her old flame, Yong Liang. In the past, Ze Jia embezzled her company's funds for Yong Liang and was caught. Luckily, Xi Gua Shu managed to resolve the issue by compensating the company on her behalf. However, Yong Liang disappeared without a trace. Yong Liang tells Ze Jia he had already returned the money to Xi Gua Shu 3 years after the incident....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Ze Guo suspects Ke Lin of having an affair and secretly follows him. Ke Lin realises he is being followed and shakes Ze Guo off by making it look like it is all a misunderstanding. However, Ke Lin does in fact have a mistress named Xiao Rou. Xiao Rou prepares an art studio for him to chase his dream of becoming an artist. Ke Lin is moved. Being under the pressure of Ze Guo this whole time, he is able to find comfort when being with Xiao Rou....
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Xiao Rou lets Ze Guo know of her existence, telling her she doesn't cherish Ke Lin's talents. Ze Guo wants Ke Lin to break up with Xiao Rou. Ke Lin is unable to decide. Ze Jia decides to work at Yong Liang's company but Xi Gua Shu violently objects. Ze Jia refuses to be under her father's shackles any longer and decides to leave home to fight for her own freedom....
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
In order to break Ke Lin and Xiao Rou up, Ze Guo tries to accelerate her plans in migrating. However, this causes Ke Lin to not want to leave Xiao Rou even more. He decides to come clean with Ze Guo and states that he doesn't want to leave any of them, to not divorce Ze Guo and not leave Xiao Rou either. Ze Guo pretends she is not affected by this but actually feels hurt inside....
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Liu Lian Sao sees Xi Gua Sao chatting with a man, she goes up and asks Xi Gua Sao who he is. Xi Gua Sao reveals she had once lent $5,000 to a friend's husband for an emergency and now his son wants to return $100,000 back instead. Xi Gua Sao refuses to accept the money and Liu Lian Sao accepts it on her behalf. Liu Lian Sao tries to persuade Xi Gua Sao to accept the money but she insists on not accepting it and angrily walks off. Unexpectedly, she meets with a car accident after....
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
Xi Gua Sao dies from the car accident, Xi Gua Shu is certain her death had to do with Liu Lian Sao. In order to keep Xi Gua Sao's secret, Liu Lian Sao did not reveal any information relating to the $100,000 and Xi Gua Sao's meeting with Jun Sheng. However, she feels uneasy keeping the secret. Yuan Hang persuades her to return the cheque and apologise to Xi Gua Shu, however Liu Lian Sao feels it is not the right time....
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Liu Lian Sao helps Yuan Hang find a girlfriend. Coincidentally, she finds Ze Jia's superior, Elaine, from an online dating website and arranges for Yuan Hang to meet her. Liu Lian Sao ends up having a great first impression of Elaine. Elaine takes the initiative to help Liu Lian Sao with her housework and realises Liu Lian Sao's curry chicken is deliciously different....
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
Ze Jia performs outstandingly at work and Elaine is jealous. While Elaine and Yuan Hang are on a date, Elaine brings up her work issues. Not knowing Elaine was referring to Ze Jia, Yuan Hang reminds Elaine to find out the reasons before accusing anyone. Elaine states that she did not complain as she did not want to cause anyone to lose their job. Yuan Hang advises her that if the other party is really causing problems, it is not wrong to lodge complaints about them....
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
Yu Yan acts in Ze Guo's skincare commercial. Bo Wen gives Yu Yan camera tips during the shoot. While the two were practicing, feelings start to develop between them. Hao Xiong visits Yu Yan at the set and Ze Guo is shocked to find out they are father and daughter. Ze Guo talks to Hao Xiong in private, requesting Hao Xiong to forget about what happened at the hotel so as to not affect the relationship between Yu Yan and Bo Wen. Hao Xiong agrees to co-operate with Ze Guo...
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Xiao Rou fakes pregnancy. Ke Lin summons enough courage to ask Ze Guo for a divorce. Ze Guo reluctantly agrees. Mrs Ni shows Ke Lin the footage of Ze Guo and Hao Xiong at a hotel and tells him to keep his wife in check. Ke Lin goes back to question Ze Guo and she admits that she wanted to take revenge on him initially but could not bring herself to do so as she still loves him very much. Ke Lin is moved but guilty....
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
Yuan Hang is forced to go shopping with Elaine. Elaine takes the initiative to grab his arm but Yuan Hang feels uncomfortable. Ze Jia and Yong Liang go on a date. Ze Jia feels unwell but Yong Liang does not pay too much attention to her, making Ze Jia feel helpless. On her way home, Ze Jia visits a pharmacy to buy medication and she bumps into Yuan Hang. Yuan Hang shows concern for Ze Jia and Ze Jia starts to feel that Yuan Hang is much more thoughtful than Yong Liang...
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
Elaine accuses Ze Jia of stealing money from the company. As Yong Liang is afraid the company would find out about his relationship with Ze Jia, he decides to replenish the stolen amount with money from his own pocket. Later on, he finds out who the thief is but does not help Ze Jia clear her name. Instead, he buys a house and proposes to Ze Jia. Yong Liang pleads with Ze Jia to accept his proposal and make this small sacrifice for the sake of their future. Ze Jia decides to break up with him....
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
Ze Jia is upset about Yong Liang. Fortunately, Yuan Hang is by her side to advise her, teaching her how to handle her stress and telling her that truth will always prevail. Yuan Hang pleads with Elaine to help clear Ze Jia's name. Elaine agrees to do so on condition that Yuan Hang will take his relationship with her seriously. Yuan Hang is put in a spot....
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
In order to help Ze Jia, Yuan Hang agrees to start a relationship with Elaine. Elaine is ecstatic. She helps clear Ze Jia's name and even tells Ze Jia about her plans to marry Yuan Hang. Ze Jia is shocked. Ze Jia walks home feeling depressed but happens to meet Yong Liang who pesters her. Xi Gua Shu sees this and helps her fend him off. Xi Gua Shu is unhappy with Ze Jia for remaining in contact with Yong Liang and the two start to argue....
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
Xi Gua Shu goes missing, Ze Jia is worried sick. Xi Gua Shu is actually hiding at Liu Lian Sao's place. Liu Lian Sao conjures up a plan to knock Xi Gua Shu out with sleeping pills. Thereafter, she informs Xi Gua Shu's children about him and they rush back to see him. Liu Lian Sao secretly films the reaction of his anxious children. Elaine continues to cling on to Yuan Hang. Liu Lian Sao finally decides to tell Ze Jia about how Yuan Hang sold himself out to help clear her name. Will Ze Jia and Yuan Hang's relationship finally bear fruit ?...