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How Are You

How Are You

  • TV-G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishThaiIndonesianMalayBurmese (Zawgyi)BurmeseStarringHa HaYoo Se-YoonWinnerDirectorKim Joon-wonKim Se-hongRa Soo-binKim A-reum
A music video talk show hosted by Ha Ha and Yoo Se-yoon. This program delivers fresh perspectives and analyses on some of your favourite music videos, along with in-depth interviews with various K-pop idols and music artists. Watch as the comedic duo live out the lyrics literally and recreate music video parodies....
Season 1

8 Episodes
How Are You - Winner
1. How Are You - Winner
Ha Ha & Yoo Se-yoon take a look and compare Big Bang & Wanna One's music videos. Winner joins them to share never-seen-before behind the scenes footage of their music videos and also their favourite music videos. Winner's Luxury video gets a hilarious remake!...
How Are You - BOL4
2. How Are You - BOL4
What are the differences between IU's 'Good Day' & AKMU's 'Re-Bye' music videos? BOL4 discusses their new album launch and their 'Galaxy' video gets a hilarious remake by Ha Ha & Yoo Se-yon!...
How Are You - Kim Jong Kook
3. How Are You - Kim Jong Kook
How different are Kim Jung nam-era Turbo & Mikey-era Turbo? Kim Jong-kook & Kim Jong Name share the funny stories during the filming of their 'Twist King' video. But is it as funny as the parody remake of Kim Jong-kook's 'One Man'?...
How Are You - Yoon Jong Shin
4. How Are You - Yoon Jong Shin
In this episode we see a comparison between Sung Si Kyung's 'In the Street' & Lee Soo-young's 'All Alone' videos, followed by a special appearance by Yoon Jong-shin. What does he think about the parody remake of his 'Summer Ver' video? Watch to find out!...
How Are You - Gfriend
5. How Are You - Gfriend
Red Velvet's 'Red Flavour' or Sistar's 'Shake It'? Which is your pick? Gfriend spills the deets on their hit 'Time for the Moon Night' and look out for the parody remake of their 'Sunny Summer' video!...
How Are You - Deepflow, Don Mills and Nucksal
6. How Are You - Deepflow, Don Mills and Nucksal
Dynamic Duo's 'Ring My Bell' and Leessang's 'I'm Not Laughing' are put to the comparison test. Take a peak into the lives of Deepflow, Don Mills & Nucksal of VMC Korea - learn about their discovery of music and their humble beginings. What does Don Mills think of the parody remake of his 'Kingsmen' video? Watch to find out!...
How Are You - Momoland
7. How Are You - Momoland
Ha Ha & Yoo Se-yoon take a look and compare Got7's 'Just Right' & ASTRO's 'Breathless' music videos. Momoland talks about their success and their crazy fans in the Philippines. Although we think that their 'BAAM' parody remake is probably crazier....
How Are You - Seungri
8. How Are You - Seungri
Take a closer look at G-Dragon's 'One of a Kind' & Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' videos. Seungri makes an appearance and talks about his return with a new album. Ha ha & Yoo Se-yoon give Seungri's 'Sweet Lie' video a hilarious twist....