• TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMandarin (Simplified)EnglishStarringChristopher LeeFann WongRebecca LimKelly LiaoDarren LimXu BinJasmine SimDirectorCanter Chia
Yang Li Wei (Christopher Lee) is a successful financial consultant and made money through his keen sense of investment. However, he finds himself debt-ridden and lost all his savings after one bad investment. Tycoon Li Rui Ming (Christopher Lee) went missing during an accident. Li Wei decides to impersonate him since they share an uncanny resemblance, hoping to get himself out of his predicament. Instead of the luxurious life he hoped for, Li Wei has to deal with Rui Ming’s pestering mistress and malicious brother. He is forced into bankruptcy, but Rui Ming’s wife, Wang Si Ting (Fann Wong), stood by him with her unwavering support. Li Wei falls in love with Si Ting. Rui Ming reappears out of nowhere and Li Wei’s identity is exposed! How will Li Wei get himself out of the situation? And who will Si Ting choose in the end?...
Season 1

20 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
As Yang Li Wei went through the lowest point of his life, he met a fortune teller, Chen Shun Tian. Under Shun Tian’s guidance, he picked himself up and became a successful financial investment manager. However, just as he thought things were going well for him, an investment mistake costed him his wealth and sent him into debts. Met with a dead end, he intended to take his own life on the ferry, only to meet someone that looked exactly like himself...
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Upon surviving an unfortunate accident on the ferry, Li Wei decides to feign amnesia and impersonate Rui Ming to escape from his financial difficulties. As Rui Ming’s wife brings him home, Li Wei meets Rui Ming’s children and brother, Zi Jian, Jia Wen and Rui Jie. With an interest in inventing new gadgets, Zi Jian gets Li Wei to trial his new invention, a lie-detecting watch, where Li Wei’s true identity was almost leaked....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Just as he thought Rui Ming’s identity would grant him wealth for life, Li Wei discovered Rui Ming’s involvement in embezzlement activities. Not only did Rui Jie not offer a helping hand, but also plots several attempts to take over Rui Ming’s status and power. As Rui Ming’s mistress, Monica, continued to pester him, Li Wei tried to keep a distance in fear of revealing his identity, causing Monica to explode with anger....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Rui Jie brought Li Wei to the Home where their father, Jian Ting was admitted for dementia. Much to their surprise, Jian Ting could only recognize Li Wei as his son, and happily let out to him on where he kept his “money”. Assuming that Jian Ting was referring to the embezzled funds, Li Wei quickly went to retrieve the “money”, only to find out that they were just play money....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Not being able to tolerate Rui Ming’s repeated betrayal of their marriage previously, Si Ting sent a killer to murder Rui Ming under the influence of alcohol. However, when the killer took action and injured “Rui Ming” ( Li Wei), Si Ting felt overwhelmed with guilt and opened up to him on the truth. Much to her surprise, not only did Li Wei not blame her, but also bore the responsibility on his part. The relationship between the couple then turned for the better....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
While working at Rui Ming’s company, Zi Jian fell in love with Qiao En at first sight, not knowing that she was one of his father’s mistresses. Hoping to visit Sentosa with “Rui Ming” to trigger his memories of her, Qiao En lies that she has clues to the location of the embezzled funds, successfully getting Li Wei to fall for it. Rui Jie hires detectives to stalk the two to capture images of them together before showing it to Si Ting, destroying Si Ting’s trust for her husband once again....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Rui Jie exposes Rui Ming’s act of embezzlement during the board meeting, forcing him to step down of his position. Additionally, he let out the news to the public, causing a huge impact on the company’s stock prices. Li Wei reprimands Rui Jie for sacrificing the interests of the company just to bring him down. Li Wei agrees to Rui Jie’s offer to buy all his stocks from him, and plans to escape after receiving the payment from Rui Jie....
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
In order to Pay off Li Wei’s debts, Si Ting resells their business and properties and moves into a 3-room flat with her family. With intentions to start a food truck business, Li Wei and his family works together to start on the preparatory work. As Rui Ming rejects Qiao En’s offer to reconcile, she decides to take revenge on him out of jealousy and anger, and intends to use Zi Jian as part of her first plan....
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Under the support of the boss, Mr Jiang, Rui Jie enters the entertainment industry and prepares to shoot a movie. However, he was in fact forced into money laundering activities. He offers Jia Wen a second lead role, sending her into a state of excitement as she is finally able to live her dreams. However, suspecting that Rui Jie has other intentions up his sleeves, he tries to talk Jia Wen out of the plan only to no avail....
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Not being able to reach a consensus with Li Wei with regards to her participation in Rui Jie’s movie, Jia Wen leaves home in rage and moves to Yao Qiang’s home temporarily. On the other hand, Shun Tian instructs Ai Ling to get close to Si Ting to confirm Li Wei’s true identity. As Li Wei returns from grocery shopping and witnesses the friendly interaction between Ai Ling and Si Ting, he was utterly shocked....
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
Ai Ling brings Si Ting to a bar she used to work at and tells her about how she broke up with her boyfriend there. As Si Ting gets drunk, Ai Ling took the opportunity to send a text message to Li Wei using Si Ting’s phone, getting Li Wei to come over to get her. Recalling that the address of the bar sent to him was where AI Ling used to work at, he suspects is off and finds an excuse to send Zi Jian to escort Si Ting home instead. Knowing her plan fell through, Ai Ling feels unhappy....
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Unhappy that Jia Wen was paid higher as the second lead. Tian Mei attempts to reason with Rui Jie. Rui Jie comforts her to the best of his abilities and tells the matter to the boss. He feels that their way of handling funds may not work out, but Mr Jiang indicates that he will resolve the problem for him. Tian Mei suddenly dies from a car accident, sending Rui Jie into a state of shock as he deduced that Mr Jiang was behind it. Due to the death of Tian Mei, Jia Wen undertakes the role of the lead....
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
Rui Jie and Qiao En devises to expose Qiao En’s identity as Rui Jie’s ex-lover to Zi Jian. Zi Jian was utterly shocked and enraged, and decides to break ties with his parents. Not being able to handle the shock, Si Ting collapses. She blames “Rui Ming” for bringing harm to the family again and again. Li Wei then decides to confess his true identity, causing great surprise to Shun Tian who refused to accept the fact....
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
As Ai Ling reaches the terminal stage of her cancer, she wishes for Shun Tian to let the cat out of the bag. Shun Tian exposes the fact that Rui Ming was his stepbrother, and was chased out of the house along with his mother because of his status as a illegitimate child. Rui Ming empathises with their plight and decides to take up his responsibility as a big brother after the passing of Shun Tian’s mother....
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
As Jia Wen hears of Tian Mei’s argument regarding the unfair allocation of salary with Rui Jie prior to her sudden death, she feels uneasy. She tells the matter to Si Ting, who agrees that the matter is not as simple as it looks. She tests Rui Jie with the lie detector watch invented by Zi Jian and proves that he was lying, arousing suspicions of him....
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
Zi Jian resorted to robbery for Qiao En’s sake, causing great worry to Si Ting. Concerned that her son’s future may be at stake with a criminal record, she seeks help from Li Wei, who promised to help her resolve the issue. He approaches Qiao En and confesses that he was Li Wei, mentioning that Rui Ming had passed from the ferry accident. Drowning in great sorrow from knowledge of Rui Ming’s death, Qiao En initiates a breakup to Zi Jian. Zi Jian was heartbroken....
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
Mr Jiang threatens Rui Jie to kill Jia Wen. Hence, he meddled with the suspension wire used during Jia Wen’s action scene, causing it to snap during the filming process. Yao Qiang rushes out to protect Jia Wen as she falls, cushioning her fall with his own body. While Jia Wen remained unharmed, Yao Qiang sustained serious injuries. As Zi Jian’s watch contains evidence of Rui Jie’s unlawful deeds, Li Wei decides to bring him to justice....
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
Rui Jie attempts to push Si Ting into the sea, only for her to be fortunately rescued by Li Wei. Li Wei tells Rui Jie of the evidence he has against him, aggravating a fight between them. Jiang Ting steps forward to intervene and calls the police upon knowledge of Rui Jie’s murder offence. However, just then, he was attacked from his back but fortunately survives the blow. He then feigns dementia. Li Wei was shocked beyond words, not expecting that he had taken the blame for Rui Ming’s offence....
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
In order to obtain evidence to prove Rui Jie’s unlawful deeds, Shun Tian and Jian Ting gets into a fight, where Jian Ting falls off the building and dies. Si Ting finds out Li Wei’s true identity and wanted him to leave. Feeling reluctant, Li Wei hopes for a chance with Si Ting. Just as Si Ting was close to accepting Li Wei, Rui Ming suddenly appears....
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
Rui Ming turns out to have survived the ferry ordeal, and returns to find Si Ting for a reconciliation. Upon Rui Ming’s return, Li Wei was overwhelmed with mixed feelings, and started to harbour evil thoughts. Rui Ming decides to start things over with Si Ting, only to find out that her heart now belongs to Li Wei. He arranges for Shun Tian’s departure, but Shun Tian has other plans of his own… What will be Si Ting’s final decision? Will Shun Tian be able to let go of his greed?...