The Dream Makers

The Dream Makers

  • TV-PG
  • 2013
  • 2 Seasons
SubtitlesEnglishStarringShaun ChenFelicia ChinRui EnRebecca LimAndie ChenRomeo TanZhang Zhen HuanJeanette AwDirectorLoh Woon WoonWong Foong HweeDoreen Yap
The Dream Makers story continues and it has been three years since Zhou Wei Yun (Zoe Tay) was transferred from the Variety department to the Drama department as VP. Her bosses decide to hire two new VPs Lin Tao (Li Nan Xing) and Guan Xie En (Huang Bi Ren). Their work performances greatly outshine Wei Yun’s, causing her to feel threatened. However, she slowly becomes good friends with Xie En as they share about their family troubles. Lin Tao is ambitious and will risk anything to achieve his goals. During an incident, he makes a rash move and suffers the consequences. Zhao Fei Er (Jeanette Aw) is the reigning queen of the tv station, but she is envious of her good friend, Fang Tong Lin’s (Rui En) career and love life. Moreover, she has not gotten over her ex-boyfriend, Jason Lam (Qi Yu Wu), who is now Tong Lin’s boyfriend. Fei Er’s half-sister, Dong Zi Huai (Julie Tan), returns to Singapore and is jealous of Fei Er’s success. She deliberately sows discord between Tong Lin and Jason, making Fei Er out to be the third party. Tong Lin breaks off her engagement with Jason while Fei Er’s career took a dive. How will each of these characters cope with the challenges of their career, love life and family? How will they survive in the exciting and yet unforgiving entertainment industry?...
Season 1 2

30 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Zhou Weiyun, Head of Variety, is thrilled when her boyfriend, Zhiming, leaves a message saying he can have lunch with her on Valentine’s Day. Zhu Kangli is the Senior VP of the Drama Unit. She is married to a plastic surgeon, Jianguo, and they have a son, Naonao. Reminding Jianguo about Valentine’s dinner, Kangli orders the maid to return by 5pm to take care of Naonao. Fei’er is a junior artiste at the television station and her boyfriend, Jason, is an ad director. She worries about his habit of changing his mind and annoying the producer. When given a role with more lines, she is pleased. Kangli takes the bus with Naonao and sees Fei’er with Jason. Fei’er pretends not to see her when Naonao creates a din. In the make-up room, Fei’er is ignored by the staff. The popular Xie Liuxin turns up, and everyone fusses over her. Weiyun, who is 42 years old, thinks Zhiming is about to propose to her....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Fei’er is upset her father, Zhao De, did not take her grandfather for his dialysis. The drunk Zhao De mistakes Fei’er for his wife and beats her up. Jason is injured trying to shield her. Fei’er rushes to the station to appear on Yu Fan’s programme and finds out there are other guests as well. Kangli explains to the female artistes why they are appearing on the show. Yu Fan tells Weiyun off for not being as good as Kangli at socialising. Fei’er thanks Kangli for giving her a chance. When Kangli learns Jason is waiting at the reception, she offers him a ticket to watch the show live. Fei’er chooses a simple outfit and light makeup, instead of the flashy outfits and thick makeup donned by the others. Reporter Fang Yuanren assumes Jason is at the station to support his idol....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Jason forgets to take his mobile phone when he leaves the toilet. It is taken by Tonglin, a variety producer. Tonglin films an old and loving couple and is reminded of her dead parents. She meets Jason and is stunned by his resemblance to her late father. Weiyun avoids Zhiming’s calls. Visiting Liuxin in the hospital, she meets Kangli. Zhanpeng, VP of the Artiste Management Unit, puts up an act with Kangli and Weiyun to pacify Liuxin. Zhanpeng stops Yuanren from printing vacation pictures of Liuxin and Gao Jian. Weiyun overhears Tonglin telling Zhanpeng that Kangli intends to deal with her variety unit. She gathers her entire team to come up with a solution and is peeved when everyone calls her an old maid....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Tonglin is pleased to find that the owner of the mobile phone is Jason. She confides in Weiyun about her fears at work. Weiyun gives her advice; she sees in Tonglin some of her own youthful enthusiasm. Weiyun and her team try to come up with ways to boost Liuxin’s popularity to please the sponsors. Yu Fan criticises Weiyun for being commercialized but understands her difficulties. The team decides to let Liuxin and Fei’er appear on the programme together. Fei’er is happy when staff at Jason’s company asks for her autograph. She quarrels with him when he resigns after a fight with the producer. In spite of Jason’s objections, Fei’er buys presents for Kangli and Weiyun. She meets Tonglin. To her delight, Tonglin remembers which drama she appeared in....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Weiyun is shocked to learn she is the third party in the relationship. When Kangli brags about her drama ratings, Weiyun lashes out at her in anger. Kangli learns what happened and tells the staff to stop gossiping about Weiyun. Kangli tells Liuxin she needs to shave her head for the new drama. Liuxin tries in vain to avoid it. Weiyun takes leave to rest. However, her sister-in-law, Guixiang, nags at her incessantly. Annoyed, she goes out to watch a movie before going on a shopping spree. Yu Fan drinks with Weiyun and sees a different side of her. Weiyun is shocked when she gets drunk and spends the night at his place. Refusing to go to school, Naonao creates a din early in the morning. Jianguo suspects he is abnormal and asks Kangli to take him to a doctor. She blames Jianguo for spoiling the boy. When Liuxin extends her shampoo contract to avoid shaving her hair, Kangli gives the lead role to Fei’er....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Zhanpeng tells Fei’er she has been cast as the second lead in the new drama. However, the role will require her to shave her head. Fei’er encourages Jason to return to the station, even though he had left because the environment did not suit him. At the press conference, Fei’er dodges Liuxin’s tricks, and Kangli manages to deal with Yuanren’s biting questions. Kangli goes to the school to try to understand Naonao’s situation, while Jianguo chooses to avoid the issue by frolicking with air stewardesses....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Fei’er falls to the ground after being pushed by Liuxin. Jason rushes off to buy medicine for her. Pitying Fei’er, Gao Jian asks his assistant, Catherine, to give her some bird’s nest. Liuxin is infuriated. Lawrence makes Fei’er return to the station to change into a clean set of clothes for the next scene....
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Jianguo, who was having a rendezvous in the clinic, pretends to pass out when Kangli walks in. Yu Fan learns about the incident and advises Jianguo not to play with fire. Yu Fan whisks Weiyun away when someone turns up at the airport to insult her upon her return. She suspects Shanshan, and Yu Fan suggests calling the police if it happens again....
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Shanshan warns Weiyun that she will not let her off if she harasses Zhiming again. Yu Fan tries to help and is beaten up by Shanshan’s men. Yu Fan asks Weiyun to stay at his place for the night. Weiyun discovers that he has a fashion studio at home. Pictures of Weiyun hugging Yu Fan are splashed across in the tabloids, and videos are uploaded on the Web. Yu Fan tries to arrest the gossip....
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Zhiming turns up out of the blue and saves Weiyun. Moved, she decides to stick with him in spite of the odds. At the hospital, Weiyun learns that the deceased is Ding Wei’s wife. News about Fei’er slapping Liuxin spreads. Fei’er meets Gao Jian at the hospital and tries to clarify matters....
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
Fei’er has to stay in hospital for a week on account of Liuxin. Jason tends to her grandfather. He turns up at the ward when everybody has left and finds Gao Jian there. Gao Jian will not give up on Fei’er, even though she makes it clear Jason is her boyfriend....
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Kangli confides in Yu Fan, who assures her that Jianguo is merely having a fling and no feelings are involved. Relieved, she urges him to keep mum about it. Kangli changes her attitude towards Jianguo and even takes leave to go out with him. Yu Fan confides in Weiyun and decides to tell Jianguo about Kangli’s fears....
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
Yu Fan dreams of his late wife. He also gets a call from a blackmailer. Tonglin tries to feign illness on the day of the filming but to no avail. Zhanpeng and Yuanren drag her out of the room. Zhanpeng asks Yuanren and Tonglin to find him a new tenant, so that Yunzhi will be forced to leave....
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
Fei’er feels uneasy having breakfast at a hawker centre, as fans now recognise her. To please Zhanpeng, she agrees to invite Tonglin over for Penang laksa. She finds out Tonglin and Yuanren are siblings. Yuanren creates a chance for Zhanpeng to talk to Tonglin alone...
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Weiyun disqualifies Guixiang and Joey from the contest, as family of staff are not supposed to appear on air as contestants. She is happy to learn Shanshan has agreed to divorce Zhiming. Yu Fan receives a package of pig hearts at the studio. Yuanren learns about this from Tonglin and views it as a story-spinner....
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
Kangli worries when Lisa asks Jianguo to remove the tattoo on her thigh. However, she is too busy to tag along. When she sees the model Jianguo was with in the interview room, she decides to probe. Kangli manages to make Naonao correct a bad habit and is annoyed when Jianguo ruins her efforts. He cannot understand why she will not give up her career for the family. Kangli finds pub receipts in Jianguo’s wallet but doesn’t say anything. She throws away his clothes, which she feels stink of women’s perfume....
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
The last episode of Fei’er’s drama garners high ratings. However, she is unhappy that Jason added in flashbacks of Liuxin’s portion, which shortened her screen time. Tonglin notices them arguing and consoles Jason. Zhanpeng suggests Fei’er hire Liuxin’s former personal assistant, Catherine. Fei’er’s fan club is officially launched. Yunzhi seethes in hatred when she learns how Tonglin had used Jason to help Zhanpeng chase her away....
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
Weiyun is almost run down by a truck while trying to find Zhiming. Yu Fan saves her. Despite his objections, she insists on taking leave and going overseas to look for Zhiming. She refuses to let Yu Fan go with her. Jianguo suspects Yu Fan likes Weiyun, as he seems distracted during her absence. He tells Yu Fan that even though he has broken up with the model, his relationship with Kangli is strained and Kangli often goes through his briefcase. Lisa is happy to be rid of her tattoo. She wants to give Kangli and Jianguo a treat. Disappointed when Zhanpeng says he already has a girlfriend, she asks him to put her in first place on his reserve list....
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
Tonglin and Zhanpeng try to help Jason get over his broken relationship. Tonglin assumes Fei’er chose Gao Jian for materialistic reasons, but she asserts that she would have broken up with Jason anyway as there were problems between them. Zhanpeng is jealous that Tonglin is trying so hard to get Jason to pull himself together. Tonglin is overjoyed when Jason finally returns to work. Kangli learns about the breakup and offers to send Jason to China for six months for a new programme....
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
Jianguo’s parents learn he has asked for a divorce. They choose to stand on Kangli’s side, and he packs his bags and leaves home. Ding Wei and Rain console Lisa, who is upset about being maligned by Kangli. Weiyun decides to become a single mother. Guixiang is peeved about her decision, but Joey supports his aunt. Kangli and Weiyun confide in each other. Both decide to end their longstanding rivalry and be supportive of each other support. Fei’er decides to move into Gao Jian’s house with her grandfather. She promises to give Zhao De an allowance every month, but wants him to live by himself. He threatens to tell the media how unfilial she is....
Episode 21
21. Episode 21
Weiyun transfers her half of the apartment to Guixiang, who is thrilled. On the way home, they meet a relative who notices that Weiyun is pregnant and presumes she was not invited to the wedding. Guixiang is peeved when Weiyun reveals she is an unwed mother. However, she is appeased when Weiyun offers to invest in Jialong’s business. Weiyun consoles Yu Fan, who has yet to sign a new contract. She senses something amiss when he receives a call from a mystery person. Yu Guang tells Yu Fan he had told his ex-girlfriend, Jiao, about their past. Yu Fan deduces that the mystery person is related to Jiao. Feigning relief after signing the divorce papers, Kangli is surprised Weiyun turns up to keep her company....
Episode 22
22. Episode 22
Yu Guang hurries away when Weiyun tries to find out what happened. She stays overnight at the hospital to keep vigil, as Yu Fan goes into a coma after surgery. The next day, she lashes out at the reporters who gather around. Zhanpeng offers to settle the media problems on Yu Fan’s behalf. The closeness between Weiyun and Yu Fan shows Zhanpeng something is missing between him and Tonglin. He is jealous at how well she and Jason get along. Tonglin also feels she and Zhanpeng do not seem to be in love, despite dating for six months....
Episode 23
23. Episode 23
Zhanpeng tries hard to help Fei’er retain an endorsement deal, but the client has chosen Tonglin as her replacment. Fei’er complains to the MD that Zhanpeng took his girlfriend’s side. Knowing full well that Yunzhi dislikes Tonglin, she encourages Yunzhi to become Tonglin’s assistant. Tonglin offends her fans after a tiff with Zhanpeng. Fei’er sows discord between Tonglin and the producer. Tonglin accepts Yunzhi as her personal assistant, without realising there is a plot against her....
Episode 24
24. Episode 24
Jason sends clips of his films to overseas media companies to promote his work. He consoles Zhanpeng about the breakup. Yunzhi and Fei’er are filled with glee when they learn Tonglin and Zhanpeng are no longer together. Tonglin confides in Fei’er, and Jason overhears Fei’er saying she felt upset when they broke up....
Episode 25
25. Episode 25
Fei’er is upset when Jason urges her to apologise to Tonglin. Gao Jian is jealous that Jason is so concerned about Fei’er, and demands she quit showbiz. They have a falling out when she refuses to abide by his wishes. Fei’er’s grandfather urges her to choose carefully, as having a good life partner is what matters most. Fei’er is tempted when Lawrence offers to let her play second lead in an international movie. She asks Kangli, Weiyun and Zhanpeng to rearrange her schedule, so that she can accept the movie deal....
Episode 26
26. Episode 26
Zhao De steals Fei’er’s jewellery when she refuses to give him money. He is enraged when Fei’er calls the police. Yunzhi submits her resignation. She is grateful when Tonglin forgives her and lets her stay on as her PA. Tonglin is disappointed when Jason tells tales to get into Kangli’s good books. His hope is to become a producer. He admits he has changed and his career is all that matters to him now....
Episode 27
27. Episode 27
Ding Wei and Lisa are happy when Rain is let off with a light sentence for the theft. Lisa notices that Ding Wei seems anxious about Rain dating Joey and urges him to relax. Ding Wei wants to ask Lisa out, but feels inferior when compared to her date, Zhanpeng. Rain tries to cheer him up. Lisa notices Zhanpeng’s thriftiness and suggests he move back home to save money and enjoy family love. She is unhappy when he tells his mother and aunt that they are just colleagues. His mother does not like Lisa, who has been through three divorces. Zhanpeng agrees to go for a drink with Lisa, but backs out after Kangli tells him that Lisa was the cause of her divorce....
Episode 28
28. Episode 28
Weiyun loses her baby. She refuses see Yu Fan. Jianguo uses the example of Weiyun’s miscarriage to urge Kangli to treasure what they have. Nonetheless, she tells him to leave. Weiyun refuses to see anyone for several days, but comes to her senses after Kangli barges into the ward to scold her. Tonglin starts dating Jason and does not keep the relationship a secret from her fans. Fei’er enters into financial difficulty after breaking up with Gao Jian. She is also told to move out of the house. Desperate, she begs for a reconciliation. Gao Jian turns her down and takes away the car he had bought her....
Episode 29
29. Episode 29
Fei’er runs off in tears, as she cannot force herself to give in to Mr Zheng. Many reporters are waiting outside her house to interview her, on account of Zhao De being sentenced to prison, and she has no choice but to return to her old flat. The next day, pictures of her entering the hotel are published. Distraught, Fei’er gets drunk. Yu Fan arranges to propose to Weiyun on her first day back at work after her miscarriage. Thrilled, she accepts. Zhiming visits Weiyun and tells her that he did not dare to meet her, as his wife had threatened to harm her. She announces that she has decided to be Mrs Yu and hopes Zhiming will not call on her ever again....
Episode 30
30. Episode 30
Weiyun is shocked to find Yu Fan dead in the studio. Fei’er is grateful to Jason for clearing up her house. He urges her to continue to strive for better in her acting career. Zhanpeng tells Jason that Tonglin had waited all night for him. Jason is relieved when Zhanpeng assures him that the audience will forget all the negative publicity soon and accept Fei’er again. Jason declares he loves Tonglin, but admits Fei’er still holds a place in his heart. Jason clarifies the matter with Tonglin at the studio. They are shocked to learn of Yu Fan’s demise....