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The Legend Of Snow White

The Legend Of Snow White

  • TV-Y
  • 1994
The story is about a beautiful princess named Snow White as her skin was as white as snow. Soon, Her Mother Queen Rosebud falls ill and dies, after which the villainous and wicked Lady Chrystal takes her place, who turns out to be not only an evil, she also indulges in the Black Arts of witchcraft possibly known as her black magic. After the king's departure and the first Queen's death, she makes life so difficult for poor Snow White. Later, when the evil Queen makes an attempt to kill Snow White due to her famed beauty, the little girl ends up in a cozy little cottage, the house to the seven little dwarfs who eventually befriend her and conjure to protect her. Queen Chrystal tried to take the life of Snow White several times but succeeds in her last attempt by putting her in an enchanted sleep - by means of a poisoned apple. Will the princess survive? Watch this exciting fantasy to know what happens next....
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