Snow Tower

Snow Tower

  • TV-PG
  • 2019
SubtitlesIndonesianEnglishStarringQin JunjieYuan BingyanDirectorYin TaoLiu Guotong
The Snow Tower is a tower of joy and sorrow, gatherings and farewells. This is a legend surrounding the Shadow Sun Saber and Blood Rose Sword. In the midst of a turbulent time, Snow Tower remains the beacon of hope. Yet unbeknownst to most, Leader of Snow Tower Xiao Shi Shui is gravely ill, and the tower has challenges of their own. At this critical time, the Moon Sect assaulted Snow Tower and dealt a heavy blow to them. With his last dying breath, Shi Shui pass the burden of maintaining peace and upholding justice to his son, Xiao Yi Qing. Under the leadership of Yi Qing, they fight for justice and peace. Shu Jing Rong was assaulted by the Moon Sect at the Sand Valley, and it costs her dearly. She shed her innocence and face challenges with Blood Rose Sword in her hand, carving out her own legend....
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